Snapshots from the Charleston meeting

Bulls Island lived up to its reputation as one of the best birding spots around. As did the migration trap Patriot's Point.
Birders at Folly Beach strained their eyes for a distant jaeger. And braved rain, wind, and a threatening offshore thunderstorm.
Jim Elliott, Executive Director of the International Center for Birds of Prey in Charleston, spoke and displayed a Peregrine Falcon. And a Tawny Eagle (I think I got that right).

Photos above and left by Becky Bateman

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Steve Patterson lead a group to I'on Swamp.  
Marbled Godwits were seen in several places, including Pitt Street causeway. Photo John Ennis Photos below by Dan Chambers
Another view of that Peregrine Falcon. Birding at Breech Inlet.
President Stephen Harris welcomed the group. Nathan Dias spoke on the history of ornithology in South Carolina.