CBC Bonus Field Trips

Bonus Field Trips are open only to CBC members in good standing (i.e., your dues must be paid up). Would you like to go on a field trip but aren't a CBC member? It is perfectly OK to join the CBC at the same time you register for a field trip. Information on joining the CBC can be found on our membership page.

Upcoming Bonus Field Trips

Blue Ridge Parkway 16–17 September 2017. Join us as we seek out and enjoy roving flocks of fall migrants on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway! Are you a fan of warblers? Then this trip is for you. Mid to late September is the peak of fall migration for warblers in the Carolinas. This is the time when a variety of warblers abandon their breeding season stratification and join together with vireos, tanagers, cuckoos, grosbeaks and more to feast on the little buggy things that power their southward migration. These flocks frequently follow the crests of the Appalachian ranges, and we hope to encounter a variety of species as we travel the scenic Parkway.

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