Recent and current reports to the South Carolina Bird Records Committee

This page is for quick dissemination of current-year Bird Record Committee pending and completed decisions. Full decisions with context and rationale are published in annual reports in The Chat.

Record NumberCommon NameLocationDateStatus of Report
2016-001Scott's OrioleSix MileJan 2016Accepted
2016-002Thayer's GullHorry County LandfillJan 2016Accepted
2016-003BrantTom Yawkey Wildlife CenterDec 2015Accepted
2016-004Western GrebeBotany Bay WMAJan 2016Accepted
2016-005Western GrebeBulls IslandJan 2016Accepted
2016-007Burrowing OwlKiawah IslandJan-Mar 2016Accepted
2016-008Yellow-green VireoKiawah IslandSept 2016Accepted
2016-009Brown BoobyStrom Thurmond LakeAccepted
2016-010Masked DuckSavannah NWRNov 1973Not Accepted
2016-011Black GuillemotHuntington Beach SPNov-Dec 2016Accepted
2016-012Red-tailed Hawk (Krider's)Georgetown Co.Accepted
2016-013Bell's VireoKiawah Island5 Sep 2016Accepted
2016-014Bell's VireoKiawah Island12 Sep 2016Accepted
2016-015Bell's VireoKiawah Island30 Sep 2016Accepted
2016-016Mourning WarblerKiawah IslandSep 2016Accepted
2016-017Snail KiteGreenvilleNov-Dec 2016Accepted
2016-018Bell's VireoSullivans Island21 Sep 2016Pending
2016-019Golden-winged WarblerCharleston Co.Feb 2016Pending
2017-001King EiderGeorgetownNov 2015Pending
2017-002Pacific LoonPawleys IslandDec 2016Pending
2017-003Wood ThrushSantee Coastal ReserveFeb 2017Pending
2017-004Great KiskadeeBear Island WMAFeb 2017Pending