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The Carolina Bird Club is a non-profit organization that represents and supports the birding community in the Carolinas through its website, publications, meetings, workshops, trips, and partnerships, whose mission is

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The Carolina Bird Club, Inc., is a non-profit educational and scientific association open to anyone interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds.

The Club meets each winter, spring, and fall at different locations in the Carolinas. Meeting sites are selected to give participants an opportunity to see many different kinds of birds. Guided field trips and informative programs are combined for an exciting weekend of meeting with people who share an enthusiasm and concern for birds.

The Club offers research grants in avian biology for undergraduate and graduate students, and scholarships for young birders.

The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). The Chat is a quarterly ornithological journal that contains scientific articles, reports of bird records committees and bird counts, and general field notes on bird sightings. CBC Newsletter is published bimonthly and includes birding articles and information about meetings, field trips, and Club news.

The Club provides this website to all for free.

By becoming a member, you support the activities of the Club, receive reduced registration fee for meetings, can participate in bonus field trips, and receive our publications.

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Steve Howell's 2020 North Carolina Big Year

1Canada GooseAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
2Mourning DoveAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
3KilldeerAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
4Cooper's HawkAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
5Eastern PhoebeAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
6American CrowAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
7Carolina WrenAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
8European StarlingAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
9Northern MockingbirdAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
10Eastern BluebirdAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
11House SparrowAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
12House FinchAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
13American GoldfinchAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
14Chipping SparrowAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
15Brown-headed CowbirdAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
16Pine WarblerAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
17Yellow-rumped WarblerAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
18American KestrelNC Hwy 343 S, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
19Great Blue HeronSand Hook Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
20Turkey VultureSand Hook Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
21Lark SparrowAlder Branch Rd, Shiloh1/1/2020Yes
22Surf ScoterPes Island NWR Old Coast Guard Station1/1/2020Yes
23Red-breasted MerganserPes Island NWR Old Coast Guard Station1/1/2020Yes
24Lincoln's SparrowPes Island NWR Old Coast Guard Station1/1/2020Yes
25Snow GoosePea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
26Tundra SwanPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
27Northern ShovelerPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
28GadwallPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
29American WigeonPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
30MallardPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
31American Black DuckPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
32Northern PintailPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
33RedheadPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
34BuffleheadPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
35Ruddy DuckPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
36Pied-billed GrebePea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
37Clapper RailPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
38American CootPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
39DunlinPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
40American White PelicanPea Island NWR North Pond1/1/2020Yes
41Hooded MerganserCape Hatteras National Seashore Rodanthe1/1/2020Yes
42Red-winged BlackbirdCape Hatteras National Seashore Rodanthe1/1/2020Yes
43Great Egret1303 Fathom Way, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
44Loggerhead Shrike161 Banks St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
45Ruddy Turnstone202 S 34th St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
46Ringed-billed Gull202 S 34th St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
47Herring Gull202 S 34th St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
48Great Black-backed Gull202 S 34th St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
49Eurasian Collared-Dove1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
50Red-bellied Woodpecker1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
51Downy Woodpecker1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
52Carolina Chickadee1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
53Tufted Titmouse1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
54Ruby-crowned Kinglet1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
55Brown Thrasher1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
56American Robin1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
57White-throated Sparrow1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
58White Ibis298 S 14th St, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
59Sandhill Crane534 NC Hwy 101, Beaufort1/2/2020Yes
60Double-crested CormorantNorth River Golf Club (Restricted)1/2/2020Yes
61Tricolored Heron609 Lake Pt, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
62Black-crowned Night-Heron609 Lake Pt, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
63Eastern Meadowlark850 Country Club Rd, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
64Rock Pigeon301 Hwy 70 Radio Is, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
65Belted Kingfisher301 Hwy 70 Radio Is, Morehead City1/2/2020Yes
66Osprey1400 Mainsail Rd, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
67House Wren1400 Mainsail Rd, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
68Ruby-throated Hummingbird248 S 15th St, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
69Blue Jay248 S 15th St, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
70SanderlingFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
71WilletFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
72Royal TernFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
73Common LoonFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
74Brown PelicanFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
75Gray CatbirdFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
76Savannah SparrowFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
77Swamp SparrowFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
78Northern CardinalFort Macon SP Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
79Greater YellowlegsCrab Point Bay, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
80Sharp-shinned HawkCrab Point Bay, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
81Boat-tailed GrackleCrab Point Bay, Morehead City1/3/2020Yes
82Pileated WoodpeckerCroatan National Forest, Havelock1/3/2020Yes
83Northern FlickerCroatan National Forest, Havelock1/3/2020Yes
84Winter WrenCroatan National Forest, Havelock1/3/2020Yes
85Northern GannetFort Macon SP Morehead City1/4/2020Yes
86Eastern TowheeFort Macon SP Morehead City1/4/2020Yes
87Song Sparrow1400 Mainsail Rd, Morehead City1/4/2020Yes
88Little Blue Heron1303 Fathom Way, Morehead City1/4/2020Yes
89Common GallinuleCape Lookout NS--Core Sound waterfowl M.1/4/2020Yes
90Hermit ThrushCape Lookout NS--Core Sound waterfowl M.1/4/2020Yes
91Wild Turkey1699 Hwy 70 Beaufort,1/4/2020Yes
92Green-winged TealNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
93Virginia RailNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
94SoraNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
95Wilson SnipeNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
96Northern HarrierNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
97Bald EagleNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
98Red-shouldered HawkNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
99Red-tailed HawkNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
100Blue-headed VireoNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
101Tree SwallowNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
102Sedge WrenNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/4/2020Yes
103Marsh WrenNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
104Cedar WaxwingNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
105Orange-crowned WarblerNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
106Palm WarblerNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/5/2020Yes
107Great Horned OwlCroatan National Forest, Swansboro1/5/2020Yes
108Hairy WoodpeckerCroatan National Forest, Swansboro1/5/2020Yes
109Yellow-bellied SapsuckerFort Macon SP1/6/2020Yes
110Forster's TernFort Macon SP1/7/2020Yes
111Black SkimmerFort Macon SP1/7/2020Yes
112Great CormorantFort Macon SP1/7/2020Yes
113American OystercatcherHwy 70 Betty, Beaufort1/7/2020Yes
114Horned GrebeCedar Island ferry terminal1/7/2020Yes
115Black-bellied PloverCedar Island ferry terminal1/7/2020Yes
116Bonaparte's GullCedar Island ferry terminal1/7/2020Yes
117Lesser ScaupCarolina Beach Lake1/8/2020Yes
118White-winged ScoterCarolina Beach Lake1/8/2020Yes
119Black-headed GullCarolina Beach Lake1/8/2020Yes
120Yellow WarblerCarolina Beach Lake1/8/2020Yes
121Black ScoterFort Fisher State Historic Site1/8/2020Yes
122Snowy EgretFort Fisher--Federal Point/ The Rocks1/8/2020Yes
123Seaside SparrowFort Fisher--Federal Point/ The Rocks1/8/2020Yes
124Black VultureS Fort Fisher Blvd, Kure Beach1/8/2020Yes
125Red-throated LoonCarolina Beach Lake1/8/2020Yes
126Eastern Screech-Owl4005 Galantis Dr, Morehead City1/10/2020Aud
127Common YellowthroatAlligator River National Wildlife Refuge1/10/2020Yes
128Rough-legged HawkAlligator River National Wildlife Refuge1/10/2020Yes
129Blue-winged TealPea Island NWR North Pond1/10/2020Yes
130American AvocetPea Island NWR North Pond1/10/2020Yes
131Dark-eyed Junco3700 Lake Wheeler Rd, Raleigh1/11/2020Yes
132Common GoldeneyeNC Museum of Life and Science1/11/2020Yes
133Fish Crow161 Shore dr, Beaufort1/12/2020Yes
134CanvasbackBeaufort Bypass Borrow Pond1/12/2020No
135Yellow-breasted Chat1412 Shepard St, Morehead City1/12/2020Yes
136Laughing Gull202 S 34th St, Morehead City1/13/2020Yes
137Wood Duck5316 Seven Bridges Rd, Battleboro1/16/2020Yes
138American Woodcock5316 Seven Bridges Rd, Battleboro1/16/2020No
139Red-headed Woodpecker5316 Seven Bridges Rd, Battleboro1/16/2020Yes
140White-breasted Nuthatch5316 Seven Bridges Rd, Battleboro1/16/2020Yes
141Baltimore Oriole608 Smallwood Dr, Rocky Mount1/16/2020Yes
142Common Grackle608 Smallwood Dr, Rocky Mount1/16/2020Yes
143Ring-necked DuckCity Lake (Rocky Mount)1/16/2020Yes
144Horned Lark3031 Treatment Plant Rd, Battleboro1/16/2020Yes
145Brown-headed Nuthatch608 Smallwood Dr, Rocky Mount1/16/2020Yes
146Field Sparrow608 Smallwood Dr, Rocky Mount1/16/2020Yes
147White-crowned Sparrow608 Smallwood Dr, Rocky Mount1/16/2020Yes
148Lesser Black-backed Gull644 Cool Spring Rd, Battleboro1/16/2020Yes
149Golden-crowned KingletLake Benson1/18/2020Yes
150Fox SparrowLake Benson1/18/2020Yes
151Rusty BlackbirdLake Benson1/18/2020Yes
152Greater White-fronted GooseMid Pines Rd1/18/2020Yes
153Wood Stork7900 Reunion Rd, Wilmington1/19/2020Yes
154Anhinga7900 Reunion Rd, Wilmington1/19/2020Yes
155Greater ScaupCarolina Beach Lake1/19/2020Yes
156Ash-throated FlycatcherNorth River Farm (permission requested)1/20/2020Yes
157Common MerganserPettigrew SP--Moccasin Overlook1/21/2020Yes
158Golden EagleJ. Morgan Futch Game Land1/21/2020No
159Common EiderNags Head--Jennette's Pier1/21/2020Yes
160Red-cockaded WoodpeckerCroatan National Forest, Newport1/22/2020Yes
161Semipalmated PloverEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
162Bar-tailed GodwitEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
163Red KnotEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
164Least SandpiperEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
165Western SandpiperEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
166Short-billed DowitcherEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
167Lesser YellowlegsEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
168Peregrine FalconEast Shackleford Banks1/24/2020Yes
169MerlinCedar Island NWR--Causeway1/25/2020Yes
170Piping PloverRachel Carson Reserve1/27/2020Yes
171Vesper SparrowFort Macon SP--Beach1/28/2020Yes
172American BitternNorth River Marsh-US 70 site, south1/28/2020Yes
173Nelson's SparrowNorth River Marsh-US 70 site, south1/28/2020Yes
174Mute SwanLake Benson & North River Farm wild1/29/2020Yes
175Western Tanagerstakeout Western Tanager, Alamance 20201/29/2020Yes
176Common RavenGrandfather Mountain--Nature Museum1/29/2020Yes
177Red-breasted NuthatchGrandfather Mountain--Nature Museum1/29/2020Yes
178Pine SiskinGrandfather Mountain--Nature Museum1/29/2020Yes
179Long-tailed DuckWrightsville Beach--Masonboro Inlet1/31/2020No
180Marbled GodwitFort Fisher--Federal Point/The Rocks1/31/2020Yes
181Purple SandpiperWrightsville Beach--Masonboro Inlet1/31/2020Yes
182King EiderNags Head--Jennette's Pier2/1/2020Yes
183RazorbillNags Head--Jennette's Pier2/1/2020Yes
184Short-eared OwlAlligator River NWR--Milltail Rd.2/1/2020Yes
185DickcisselFort Macon SP2/8/2020Yes
186WhimbrelEast Shackleford Banks2/9/2020Yes
187Long-billed CurlewEast Shackleford Banks2/9/2020Yes
188Cackling GooseBeasley Rd. Pond Area2/10/2020Yes
189DovekieNags Head--Jennette's Pier2/10/2020Yes
190Manx ShearwaterNags Head--Jennette's Pier2/10/2020Yes
191Bronzed Cowbird3602 Meadow Dr, Morehead City2/15/2020Yes
192Red PhalaropeOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020Yes
193Great SkuaOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020Yes
194Common MurreOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020Yes
195Atlantic PuffinOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020Yes
196Little GullOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020No
197Glaucous GullOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020Yes
198Northern FulmarOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/16/2020No
199Northern Saw-whet OwlBodie Island Lighthouse & Pond2/16/2020No
200Iceland GullOregon Inlet--Winter Pelagic2/17/2020Yes
201Barred OwlCroatan NF--Haywood Landing2/22/2020Aud
202BrantAuto selected 35.13054, -76.00262 Harkers I2/26/2020Yes
203Clay-colored Sparrow3602 Meadow Dr, Morehead City2/27/2020Yes
204Trumpeter SwanLarge Field corn stubble Pungo Unit2/27/2020No
205Purple MartinNorth River Marsh- US 70 site, south3/4/2020Yes
206Saltmarsh SparrowNorth River Marsh- US 70 site, south3/4/2020Yes
207White-eyed VireoCroatan NF--Long Point Rd.3/8/2020Yes
208Wilson's PloverEast Shackleford Banks3/11/2020Yes
209Northern Rough-winged Swallow1303 Fathom Way, Morehead City 3/13/2020Yes
210Blue-gray GnatcatcherCroatan NF--Gum Swamp Bottomland Forest3/13/2020Yes
211Yellow-throated WarblerCroatan NF--Haywood Landing3/14/2020Yes
212Northern ParulaCroatan NF--Gum Swamp Bottomland Forest3/18/2020Yes
213Louisiana WaterthrushCroatan National Forest, Maysville3/18/2020No
214Bachman's SparrowCroatan NF--Pringle Road3/20/2020Yes
215Black-throated Green WarblerCroatan National Forest, Swansboro3/20/2020Yes
216Black-and-white WarblerCroatan National Forest, Newport3/20/2020Yes
217OvenbirdForest Service Road 1473/21/2020Yes
218Glossy IbisNorth River Farm (permission requested)3/21/2020Yes
219Barn SwallowNorth River Farm (permission requested)3/23/2020Yes
220Prairie WarblerNorth River Farm (permission requested)3/29/2020Yes
221Cattle Egret223 Hwy 70 Bettie, Beaufort3/29/2020Yes
222Caspian TernJordan Lake--Crosswinds Marina4/10/2020Yes
223Neotropic CormorantJordan Lake--Crosswinds Marina4/10/2020Yes
224Northern BobwhiteNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/12/2020Yes
225Great Crested FlycatcherNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/12/2020Yes
226Red-eyed VireoNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/12/2020Yes
227Prothonotary WarblerNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/12/2020Yes
228Indigo BuntingNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/12/2020Yes
229Green HeronNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/13/2020Yes
230Chimney Swift4005 Galantis Dr, Morehead City4/13/2020Yes
231Cliff Swallow145 Chursh Gate Ln, Newport4/14/2020Yes
232Henslow's SparrowBear Grass VOA Site4/14/2020Yes
233King RailGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/16/2020Yes
234Black-necked StiltGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/16/2020Yes
235Long-billed DowitcherGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/16/2020Yes
236Least BitternGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/16/2020Yes
237Eastern KingbirdGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/16/2020Yes
238Least TernCedar Island Ferry Terminal4/17/2020Yes
239Chuck-will's-widowCroatan National Forest, Maysville4/17/2020Aud
240Eastern Whip-poor-willCroatan National Forest, Maysville4/17/2020Aud
241Yellow-billed CuckooNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/19/2020Yes
242Swainson's WarblerNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/19/2020Yes
243Blue GrosbeakNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/19/2020Yes
244White-rumped SandpiperGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
245Pectoral SandpiperGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
246Semipalmated SandpiperGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
247Spotted SandpiperGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
248Solitary SandpiperGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
249Yellow-throated VireoGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
250Worm-eating WarblerGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
251Hooded WarblerGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
252Summer TanagerGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/23/2020Yes
253Grasshopper SparrowStevens Mill Rd, south of Correctional Inst.4/25/2020Yes
254Northern WaterthrushWhite Deer Park, Garner4/25/2020Yes
255Blue-winged WarblerWhite Deer Park, Garner4/25/2020No
256American RedstartWhite Deer Park, Garner4/25/2020Yes
257BobolinkInwood Rd., Raleigh4/25/2020Yes
258Orchard OrioleNorth River Farm (permission requested)4/26/2020Yes
259Painted BuntingSugarloaf Island, Morehead City4/27/2020Yes
260Sandwich TernFort Macon SP4/27/2020Yes
261Stilt SandpiperGoose Creek--Spring Creek Impoundment4/28/2020Yes
262American Golden-PloverCedar Island Ferry Terminal4/29/2020Yes
263Acadian FlycatcherWhite Deer Park, Garner5/1/2020Yes
264Wood ThrushWhite Deer Park, Garner5/1/2020Yes
265Kentucky WarblerWhite Deer Park, Garner5/1/2020Yes
266Black-throated Blue WarblerWhite Deer Park, Garner5/1/2020Yes
267Scarlet TanagerWhite Deer Park, Garner5/1/2020Yes
268Mississippi KiteMayberry Loop Rd, Morehead City5/2/2020Yes
269Eastern Wood-PeweeHowell Woods Env. Learning Center5/4/2020Yes
270Swainson's ThrushHowell Woods Env. Learning Center5/4/2020Yes
271Warbling VireoCrabtree Creek Wetland--West of Ral Blvd.5/6/2020Yes
272Magnolia WarblerCrabtree Creek Wetland--West of Ral Blvd.5/6/2020Yes
273Wilson WarblerCrabtree Creek Wetland--West of Ral Blvd.5/6/2020No
274Mourning WarblerHistoric Bethabara Park5/11/2020No
275Cape May WarblerHistoric Bethabara Park5/11/2020Yes
276Blackpoll WarblerRattlesnake Lodge Trail (from Ox Creek Rd)5/12/2020Yes
277Rose-breasted GrosbeakRattlesnake Lodge Trail (from Ox Creek Rd)5/12/2020Yes
278Cerulean WarblerBlue Ridge Pkwy--Tanbark Ridge Tunnel N.5/12/2020Yes
279Blackburnian WarblerBlue Ridge Pkwy--Tanbark Ridge Tunnel N.5/12/2020Yes
280Black-billed CuckooSandy Mush Game Land--Cedar Hill Rd.# 45/13/2020No
281VeeryBlue Ridge Pkwy--Graveyard Fields5/13/2020Yes
282Chestnut-sided WarblerBlue Ridge Pkwy--Graveyard Fields5/13/2020Yes
283Golden-winged WarblerPisgah National Forest, Clyde5/13/2020Yes
284Canada WarblerPisgah National Forest, Clyde5/13/2020Yes
285Willow FlycatcherMeat Camp Creek Environmental Study Area5/14/2020Yes
286Kirtland's WarblerMeat Camp Creek Environmental Study Area5/14/2020Yes
287Least FlycatcherRich Mountain Rd, Boone5/14/2020Yes
288Common NighthawkFort Macon SP, Atlantic Beach5/15/2020Yes
289Common TernAtlantic Beach Pier5/17/2020Yes
290Bank SwallowCrabtree Nature Trail--Southport Entrance5/20/2020Yes
291Black-bellied Whistling-DuckNorth River Farm (permission requested)5/24/2020Yes
292White-winged TernCape Hatteras NS--Cape Point, Salt Pond5/26/2020Yes
293Roseate TernCape Hatteras NS--Cape Point5/26/2020Yes
294South Polar SkuaHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
295Pomarine JaegerHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
296Wilson's Storm PetrelHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
297Cory's ShearwaterHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
298Great ShearwaterHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
299Sooty ShearwaterHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
300Audubon's ShearwaterHatteras Pelagic--Nearshore South5/27/2020Yes
301Leach's Storm-PetrelHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream5/27/2020Yes
302Band-rumped Storm-PetrelHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream5/27/2020Yes
303Trindade PetrelHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream5/27/2020Yes
304Black-capped PetrelHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream5/27/2020Yes
305Gull-billed TernCape Hatteras NS--Salt Pond6/4/2020Yes
306Bridled TernHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream6/5/2020Yes
307Masked BoobyHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream6/5/2020Yes
308Black RailCedar Island NWR--Causeway6/7/2020No
309Alder FlycatcherBlue Ridge Pkwy--Graveyard Fields6/9/2020Yes
310Black-capped ChickadeeBlue Ridge Pkwy--Graveyard Fields6/9/2020Yes
311Egyptian GooseLake Julian Park6/10/2020Yes
312Black TernPea Island NWR North Pond6/17/2020Yes
313Swallow-tailed Kite4997 Point Caswell Rd, Atkinson6/22/2020Yes
314Roseate SpoonbillHickory Knoll Rd, Wilmington6/22/2020Yes
315Brown CreeperMount Mitchell SP--Commissary Trail6/26/2020Yes
316Red CrossbillMount Mitchell SP--Commissary Trail6/26/2020No
317Reddish EgretEast Shackleford Banks6/30/2020Yes
318Yellow-crowned Night-HeronFort Macon SP, Atlantic Beach7/2/2020Yes
319Pacific Golden-PloverCape Hatteras NS--Cape Point Campground7/20/2020Yes
320Red-necked PhalaropeHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream7/24/2020Yes
321Sooty TernHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream7/24/2020Yes
322Upland Sandpiper8990 NC-33 Whitakers8/2/2020Yes
323Brown NoddyHatteras Pelagic - Nearshore8/8/2020Yes
324Wilson's PhalaropeCape Hatteras National Seashore, Rodanthe8/8/2020Yes
325Antillean NighthawkCape Hatteras NS--Cape Point Campground8/12/2020Yes
326Buff-breasted SandpiperMattamuskeet NWR--Lake Landing8/15/2020No
327Hudsonian GodwitCape Hatteras National Seashore, Rodanthe8/15/2020Yes
328Olive-sided FlycatcherReynolda8/22/2020Yes
329Baird's SandpiperHooper Lane and Vandmer Sod Farm8/22/2020Yes
330Tennessee WarblerMount Mitchell SP--Commissary Trail8/23/2020Yes
331Barn Owl5099 Delight Rd, Lawndale8/23/2020No
332Parasitic JaegerHatteras Pelagic--Gulf Stream9/5/2020Yes
333Black-throated Gray WarblerCowan's Ford Wildlife Refuge9/7/2020Yes
334Bay-breasted WarblerBlue Ridge Pkwy--Ridge Junction Yancy Co9/8/2020No
335Broad-winged HawkOld Bynum Bridge9/18/2020Yes
336Yellow-bellied FlycatcherOld Bynum Bridge9/18/2020No
337Philadelphia VireoDuck Boardwalk9/24/2020Yes
338Nashville WarblerDuck Boardwalk9/24/2020Yes
339Painted RedstartPea island NWR--North Pond Wildlife Trail10/6/2020Yes
340Say's Phoebe26199 Otter Way, Rodanthe10/6/2020Yes
341Eurasian WigeonPea Island NWR North Pond10/8/2020Yes
342Gray-cheeked Thrush1117 Erins Way Ln , Raleigh10/10/2020Yes
343American Pipit3031 Treatment Plant Rd, Battleboro11/14/2020Yes
344Western KingbirdJ. Morgan Futch Game Land11/16/2020Yes
345Purple FinchPrairie Ridge Ecostation--Bird feeders11/20/2020Yes
346Ross's GooseEngelhard 194 Gum Swamp Rd11/21/2020Yes
347Brewer's BlackbirdEngelhard 194 Gum Swamp Rd11/21/2020No
348Mottled DuckAshley High School pond11/25/2020Yes
349Red-necked GrebeFalls Lake--Rolling View12/1/2020No
350Rufous HummingbirdRiverbend Park12/3/2020Yes
351LeConte's Sparrow11666 Red Rust Ln, Charlotte12/3/2020Yes
352Varied Thrush106 Ashley Glen Dr, Cary12/5/2020Yes
353Black-chinned Hummingbirdstake out general location Chapel Hill area12/5/2020Yes
354White-winged DoveBodie Island Lighthouse & Pond12/5/2020Yes
355MacGillivray's WarblerDuck Boardwalk12/8/2020Yes
356Vermilion Flycatcher1030 Cloverleaf Run, Williamston12/9/2020Yes
357Evening Grosbeak1303 Fathom Way, Morehead City + 2nd loc12/11/2020Yes
358Bullock's Oriole5113 Midyette Ave, Morehead City12/20/2020Yes
359Snowy OwlPea Island NWR Old Coast Guard Station12/30/2020Yes

Note: This list includes Egyptian Goose, which some might not consider to be countable.