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The Carolina Bird Club, Inc., is a non-profit educational and scientific association open to anyone interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds.

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The Club offers research grants in avian biology for undergraduate and graduate students, and scholarships for young birders.

The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). The Chat is a quarterly ornithological journal that contains scientific articles, reports of bird records committees and bird counts, and general field notes on bird sightings. CBC Newsletter is published bimonthly and includes birding articles and information about meetings, field trips, and Club news.

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Locations where Acadian Flycatcher has been recently reported in North Carolina

Only the most recent report per location is shown. Some reports may be pending verification.

July 4

1Acadian Flycatcher Backyard
1Acadian Flycatcher 512 Stone Way Court, Fayetteville, North Carolina, US (35.091, -78.868)
7Acadian Flycatcher Schenck Forest
1Acadian Flycatcher Piedmont Environmental Center South Preserve
2Acadian Flycatcher Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve
1Acadian FlycatcherMackay Island NWR
1Acadian Flycatcher 4040 Jaback Drive, Zebulon
1Acadian Flycatcher US-North Carolina-Clarkton-662 Baldwin Elkins Rd - 34.46x-78.633
1Acadian Flycatcher Yates Mill County Park
2Acadian Flycatcher Pinnacle, North Carolina, US (36.35, -80.49)
1Acadian Flycatcher Caswell Community Arboretum
2Acadian Flycatcher Grassy Island Boat Ramp--NCWRC Access
1Acadian Flycatcher Griffin Rd, Wadesboro US-NC 35.09360, -80.04687
2Acadian Flycatcher Pinnacle, North Carolina, US (36.353, -80.496)
1Acadian Flycatcher 1100–1198 Dinahs Landing Rd, Washington US-NC 35.48497, -76.93389
2Acadian Flycatcher 529-305 Boyd Nelson Road, Pinnacle, North Carolina, US (36.359, -80.494)
2Acadian Flycatcher Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
1Acadian Flycatcher Stagecoach Road Gamelands
1Acadian Flycatcher Plantation Dr, Washington US-NC 35.49709, -76.94438
1Acadian Flycatcher Stone Mountain SP
2Acadian Flycatcher Sandy Creek Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Mason Farm Biological Reserve
1Acadian Flycatcher Lake Brandt--Palmetto Trail
3Acadian Flycatcher Jordan Game Land--Transis Camp Rd.
5Acadian Flycatcher Little Creek Trail
4Acadian Flycatcher 5770 US-52, Wadesboro US-NC 35.06181, -80.08577
1Acadian Flycatcher Pasture 1 (private)
2Acadian Flycatcher Reynolda
5Acadian Flycatcher Macon’s Grave & Buck Spring Park
3Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah NF--Rice Pinnacle Trail
2Acadian Flycatcher Lake Johnson Park
1Acadian Flycatcher William B. Umstead SP--Reedy Creek Lake
2Acadian Flycatcher Goose Creek SP
1Acadian Flycatcher American Tobacco Trail--New Hill-Olive Chapel Road Access
3Acadian Flycatcher Cane Creek Reservoir (Restricted Access)
2Acadian Flycatcher Jordan Lake--Educational State Forest
9Acadian Flycatcher Horace Williams Tract
1Acadian Flycatcher South Mountains SP--Clear Creek Access
2Acadian Flycatcher 100 Deer Mountain Rd, Pittsboro US-NC 35.86145, -79.17603
2Acadian Flycatcher Flat River Waterfowl Impoundment
2Acadian Flycatcher Amick Rd./Guilford County Farm (ALAMANCE Co.)
1Acadian Flycatcher Bryan Park--Picnic Shelter Area
1Acadian Flycatcher Hoffman Road Drowning Creek to SCS

July 3

1Acadian Flycatcher Center Grove Farm
1Acadian Flycatcher 278 Shoreline Drive, New Bern, North Carolina, US (35.062, -77.152)
1Acadian Flycatcher Baileywick
2Acadian Flycatcher Lee Bucks Rd.
1Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah National Forest, Newland US-NC (36.0213,-81.7962)
1Acadian Flycatcher Moore's Creek National Battlefield
2Acadian Flycatcher Toad Hollow- Hillsborough US-NC
3Acadian Flycatcher UNC Chapel Hill--Battle Park
1Acadian Flycatcher NCBA Streets: J-Mar At 11440 West Old Spring Hope Road, Spring Hope (35.887, -78.129)
1Acadian Flycatcher San-Lee Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Compton Rd.
2Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah NF--Coontree Picnic Area
2Acadian Flycatcher Eno River Association--Confluence Natural Area
4Acadian Flycatcher County Line Gun Club/Fishing Creek property(private)
1Acadian Flycatcher Old Maple View Farm (Birding From Roads Only)
1Acadian Flycatcher Julian Price Memorial Park
1Acadian Flycatcher River Bend Preserve (private)
2Acadian Flycatcher Sherwood Forest
2Acadian Flycatcher 206 garden pond road
1Acadian Flycatcher 101–298 Whitehurst Rd [Creeds SE], Knotts Island US-NC 36.53162, -76.05680
1Acadian Flycatcher Lake Betz
3Acadian Flycatcher Jordan Game Land---(751 bridge) Northeast Creek
3Acadian Flycatcher Cedar Grove Park
1Acadian Flycatcher McAlpine Creek Park
1Acadian Flycatcher 408–468 W Gibbs Rd [Creeds SW], Knotts Island US-NC 36.53313, -76.09916
3Acadian Flycatcher NCBA Streets: Nugget, Gold Valley and Jernigan in Spring Hope (35.914, -78.161)
2Acadian Flycatcher Civitan Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Crabtree Creek Greenway
4Acadian Flycatcher Curtis Creek Rd 1832 U.S. 70, Old Fort, North Carolina, US (35.646, -82.158)
1Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah National Forest, Old Fort US-NC 35.64634, -82.15788
1Acadian Flycatcher MEMI Chowanoc, Gatesville, North Carolina, US (36.426, -76.699)
2Acadian Flycatcher Long Creek Park
2Acadian Flycatcher 17 Acre Woods
1Acadian Flycatcher Borland Road (1714)
5Acadian Flycatcher Lynch Farm
1Acadian Flycatcher 1065 Beatrice Drive, King, North Carolina, US (36.295, -80.296)
1Acadian Flycatcher Briar Chapel--Pokeberry Creek
1Acadian Flycatcher 277 Springhill Lane, Garner, North Carolina, US (35.616, -78.583)

July 2

1Acadian Flycatcher River Rd (private property), Fuquay Varina US-NC 35.48300, -78.88960
4Acadian Flycatcher Big ridge
1Acadian Flycatcher Diane's backyard
2Acadian Flycatcher Buckhorn Reservoir
2Acadian Flycatcher Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve
2Acadian Flycatcher W. Kerr Scott Reservoir--Mountain View Overlook
1Acadian Flycatcher Little River Trail Off Trappers Court, Zebulon (35.905, -78.378)
2Acadian Flycatcher 101 Channel Run, Washington US-NC 35.49423, -76.95356
1Acadian Flycatcher Saxapahaw River Loop Trail
1Acadian Flycatcher 2880 Galsworthy Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US (36.125, -80.281)
2Acadian Flycatcher Eno River SP--Few's Ford
1Acadian Flycatcher Forney Creek Conservation Area
1Acadian Flycatcher 2101 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US (36.124, -80.281)
1Acadian Flycatcher Clayton Riverwalk--County Line to Sam's Branch Greenway
1Acadian Flycatcher Valley View Cottage, Waynesville US-NC 35.50665, -83.02697
1Acadian Flycatcher 114k Reynolda Village, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US (36.127, -80.284)
2Acadian Flycatcher Rockyhock Landing
2Acadian Flycatcher Lower Booker Creek Trail
4Acadian Flycatcher Horizons Park
2Acadian Flycatcher kings mill
1Acadian Flycatcher Linville Gorge Pine Gap Trail
2Acadian Flycatcher Blue Ridge Pkwy--Crabtree Meadows
1Acadian Flycatcher Raven Rock SP
11Acadian Flycatcher MST S Leg Red Mill Rd (36.084, -78.82)
1Acadian Flycatcher South Mountains SP
2Acadian Flycatcher Lake House
1Acadian Flycatcher West Point on the Eno Park
2Acadian Flycatcher Cedar Creek Crossing 2356 North Carolina 39, Louisburg, North Carolina, US (36.037, -78.301)
1Acadian Flycatcher Falls Lake Dam Entrance
2Acadian Flycatcher Bethania--Black Walnut Bottom
1Acadian Flycatcher The Pitts
5Acadian Flycatcher Eagle Spur Rail Trail--Stagecoach Rd.
1Acadian Flycatcher 1302 Glady Fork Rd, Brevard US-NC 35.10617, -82.76501
1Acadian Flycatcher 260 Anglin Valley Lane, Stoneville, North Carolina, US (36.528, -79.953)

July 1

2Acadian Flycatcher Marion Diehl Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Crowder District Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Blue Ridge Pkwy--Craggy Dome
6Acadian Flycatcher Salem Lake--Linville Rd.
1Acadian Flycatcher Penny's Bend Nature Preserve
1Acadian Flycatcher Grassy Creek Falls Trail
1Acadian Flycatcher Little Creek Waterfowl Impoundment
2Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah NF--Roaring Fork Falls Trail, Burnsville, US-NC
1Acadian Flycatcher Lake Surf (restricted access)
1Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah Forest Martens Home US-NC 35.20871, -82.67400
1Acadian Flycatcher Pisgah National Forest, Newland US-NC 36.01908, -82.02392
1Acadian Flycatcher Abbots Creek Trail
1Acadian Flycatcher Catawba Cove
1Acadian Flycatcher Rosman Community Park
3Acadian Flycatcher White Deer Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Haw R. Yard
1Acadian Flycatcher West Brushy Fork Rd, Ashe County
1Acadian Flycatcher Glennstone/Heron Rookery
1Acadian Flycatcher 200 Bingham Rd, South Mills US-NC 36.41633, -76.31010
1Acadian Flycatcher The Glades
1Acadian Flycatcher Historic Bethabara Park--Lower Trails
4Acadian Flycatcher Duke Forest--Eno Division
4Acadian Flycatcher Bolin Creek--Community Park to MLK Blvd.
2Acadian Flycatcher 4527 US-19E, Newland US-NC 36.02898, -82.00689
3Acadian Flycatcher 100 Deer Mountain Rd, Pittsboro US-NC (35.8616,-79.1762)
2Acadian Flycatcher Echo Valley Farm
2Acadian Flycatcher Fort Bragg - Moore County (Restricted Military Access)

June 30

1Acadian Flycatcher Third Fork Creek Trail
1Acadian Flycatcher Greenville--River Park North
1Acadian Flycatcher Carolina North--Hanford Rd entrance
1Acadian Flycatcher Piney Mountain
5Acadian Flycatcher Haw River SP--Iron Ore Belt Access
1Acadian Flycatcher Ayr Mount Plantation
1Acadian Flycatcher 514 Mt Bethel Rd, Harmony US-NC 35.91366, -80.76392
2Acadian Flycatcher Robertson Millpond Preserve
2Acadian Flycatcher Carroll Howard Johnson Environmental Education Park
1Acadian Flycatcher White Oak Park
2Acadian Flycatcher Bolin Creek--Umstead Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Home 2404 Bristers Spring Way, Apex US-NC (35.7539,-78.8827)
3Acadian Flycatcher 7315–7427 Fish Rd, Marshville US-NC 35.13709, -80.29300
2Acadian Flycatcher E. B. Jeffress Park
3Acadian Flycatcher *Moses Cone Memorial Park--Trout Lake
2Acadian Flycatcher North Carolina Botanical Garden
2Acadian Flycatcher 561 White Oak Pond Rd, Apex US-NC 35.75854, -78.91027
2Acadian Flycatcher Calahaln SE Private Property 2
1Acadian Flycatcher Blue Jay Point County Park
1Acadian Flycatcher 3526–3684 Randall Rd, Polkton US-NC 35.12899, -80.18637
3Acadian Flycatcher Calahaln SE Private Property 1
1Acadian Flycatcher 1320–1846 Little Creek Rd, Wadesboro US-NC 35.13816, -80.14203
2Acadian Flycatcher 4171 Aurora Rd, Ernul US-NC 35.27992, -76.94932
1Acadian Flycatcher Strickland Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Croatan NF--Catfish Lake Rd.

June 29

1Acadian Flycatcher Croatan National Forest, New Bern US-NC 35.01297, -77.05715
1Acadian Flycatcher GSMNP, Path between Towstring and Smokemont
2Acadian Flycatcher Mayo River SP--Tyne Rd. Tract
1Acadian Flycatcher 301–369 Park Dr, Mocksville US-NC 35.90319, -80.55951
1Acadian Flycatcher First Run, Whites Creek, North Carolina, US (34.461, -78.637)
1Acadian Flycatcher 1193 Liberty Church Rd, Mocksville US-NC 36.00276, -80.64987
1Acadian Flycatcher Saxapahaw Island Park
2Acadian Flycatcher Harris at Ivor 1, to Harris at Bee Neck, Edward US-NC 35.30108, -76.93321
1Acadian Flycatcher Island Creek Rd, near County Line Rd, Croatan NF, New Bern US-NC 35.03110, -77.10598
1Acadian Flycatcher Bond Park
1Acadian Flycatcher Dash Rd, Hamptonville US-NC 36.02999, -80.78119
1Acadian Flycatcher 1505 Smith Grove Church Road, Union Grove, North Carolina, US (36.018, -81.051)
1Acadian Flycatcher 664 Gene Revis Lane, Moravian Falls, North Carolina, US (36.036, -81.043)
3Acadian Flycatcher Tar River Trail--Battle Park
1Acadian Flycatcher 1263–1367 Hanging Rock Park Rd, Danbury US-NC 36.41395, -80.23435
2Acadian Flycatcher 1123 Myers Mill Road, Olin, North Carolina, US (36.018, -80.915)
4Acadian Flycatcher Reedy Fork Trail @ Plainfield Road, Greensboro
1Acadian Flycatcher Flat Top Mountain
1Acadian Flycatcher Hanging Rock SP
1Acadian Flycatcher 134 Rupard Road, Statesville, North Carolina, US (36.007, -80.933)
2Acadian Flycatcher Champion Compound, North Carolina, US (35.273, -82.129)
5Acadian Flycatcher Lake Michael Park
2Acadian Flycatcher 159 Dowell Road, Olin, North Carolina, US (36.004, -80.906)
1Acadian Flycatcher yard Honey Pot Road, Gatesville, North Carolina, US (36.436, -76.708)
3Acadian Flycatcher Seven Mile Creek Natural Area
1Acadian Flycatcher Weyerhauser Tract Osprey Point Rd Entrance, Beaufort US-NC 34.90681, -76.63507 (PRIVATE)
1Acadian Flycatcher 4201–4399 Harmony Hwy, Harmony US-NC 36.01459, -80.76231
2Acadian Flycatcher Fort Bragg South (Restricted Military Access)

June 28

1Acadian Flycatcher Ponderosa Tract North Carolina, US (34.458, -78.631)
2Acadian Flycatcher Shelley Lake
3Acadian Flycatcher Crabtree Creek Trail--Lindsay Dr. to Bridge by Galax Dr.
1Acadian Flycatcher Lower White Store Rd, Peachland US-NC 34.89924, -80.27239
1Acadian Flycatcher 117–199 Meltonville Church Rd, Marshville US-NC 34.88138, -80.30191
1Acadian Flycatcher 1763–1799 Little-Huntley Rd, Peachland US-NC 34.85458, -80.21434
1Acadian Flycatcher Lake Adger--Boat Ramp
4Acadian Flycatcher Neuse River Trail--Abbotts Creek
1Acadian Flycatcher Kings Highway Park
1Acadian Flycatcher 1716–1760 Little-Huntley Rd, Wadesboro US-NC 34.85976, -80.20267
1Acadian Flycatcher Perkins Gameland--Riverview Rd.
2Acadian Flycatcher Moore Cove Falls Trail
2Acadian Flycatcher Weyerhaeuser Property Private; Croatan National Forest, Swansboro US-NC 34.78770, -76.79852
2Acadian Flycatcher Little-Huntley Rd, Peachland US-NC 34.83613, -80.24257
1Acadian Flycatcher 101–199 Brook Dr, Thomasville US-NC 35.87688, -80.15254
1Acadian Flycatcher NCBA Panther Creek Trail off Cooksbury (36.037, -78.806)
1Acadian Flycatcher 615 Burton Road, Advance, North Carolina, US (35.902, -80.382)
3Acadian Flycatcher NCBA Panther Creek HOA Trails, Catamount Court, Durham (36.036, -78.811)
2Acadian Flycatcher The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill US-NC 35.88882, -79.01607
3Acadian Flycatcher Richardson-Taylor Preserve
2Acadian Flycatcher 5260 Yadkin College Road, Lexington, North Carolina, US (35.881, -80.399)
2Acadian Flycatcher Knight Brown Nature Preserve
2Acadian Flycatcher South Creek, Aurora US-NC (35.3302,-76.7614)
1Acadian Flycatcher Nantahala National Forest, Otto US-NC 35.00784, -83.48101
2Acadian Flycatcher County Line Gun Club(private)
4Acadian Flycatcher Lake Thom-A-Lex Park
4Acadian Flycatcher The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill US-NC 35.89480, -79.02165
5Acadian Flycatcher Great Smoky Mountains NP--Swain Co., NC
1Acadian Flycatcher 371 Park Drive, Mocksville, North Carolina, US (35.905, -80.561)
4Acadian Flycatcher American Tobacco Trail--C.M. Herndon Park
3Acadian Flycatcher Rich Park
2Acadian Flycatcher 4000–4298 Lanes Creek Rd, Wingate US-NC 34.88472, -80.39216
1Acadian Flycatcher Fort Bragg Overhills (Restricted Military Access)
1Acadian Flycatcher 2828 Arnold Rd, Lexington US-NC 35.88917, -80.27939

June 27

1Acadian Flycatcher Moriah NW (NP) Center Grove Farm large pond, fields and forest
1Acadian Flycatcher Deep River Rail Trail