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The Carolina Bird Club is a non-profit organization that represents and supports the birding community in the Carolinas through its website, publications, meetings, workshops, trips, and partnerships, whose mission is

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The Carolina Bird Club, Inc., is a non-profit educational and scientific association open to anyone interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds.

The Club meets each winter, spring, and fall at different locations in the Carolinas. Meeting sites are selected to give participants an opportunity to see many different kinds of birds. Guided field trips and informative programs are combined for an exciting weekend of meeting with people who share an enthusiasm and concern for birds.

The Club offers research grants in avian biology for undergraduate and graduate students, and scholarships for young birders.

The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). The Chat is a quarterly ornithological journal that contains scientific articles, reports of bird records committees and bird counts, and general field notes on bird sightings. CBC Newsletter is published bimonthly and includes birding articles and information about meetings, field trips, and Club news.

The Club provides this website to all for free.

By becoming a member, you support the activities of the Club, receive reduced registration fee for meetings, can participate in bonus field trips, and receive our publications.

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Locations where Blue-headed Vireo has been recently reported in North Carolina

Only the most recent report per location is shown. Some reports may be pending verification.

July 1

1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Stack Rock Creek & Overlook
1Blue-headed Vireo Richland Balsam
2Blue-headed Vireo Linvile Golf Club
2Blue-headed Vireo Grandfather Mountain SP--Black Rock Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo 28711, Montreat US-NC 35.64925, -82.30914
3Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Newland US-NC 36.01995, -82.03215
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah Picnic Area
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Roaring Fork Falls Trail, Burnsville, US-NC
4Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Beetree Gap
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Newland US-NC 36.01908, -82.02392
1Blue-headed Vireo Kennedy Trails, Boone, North Carolina, US (36.211, -81.656)
1Blue-headed Vireo Tynecastle,Banner Elk US-NC (36.1233,-81.8361)
3Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Mountains-to-Sea Trail Entrance
1Blue-headed Vireo 6401 US-19E, Newland US-NC 36.01282, -82.01913
1Blue-headed Vireo West Brushy Fork Rd, Ashe County
1Blue-headed Vireo Flat Top Mountain
1Blue-headed Vireo 40 Flack Valley Road
1Blue-headed Vireo Joseph McDowell Historical Catawba Greenway
3Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Ridge Junction (Yancey Co.)
2Blue-headed Vireo 4527 US-19E, Newland US-NC 36.02898, -82.00689
2Blue-headed Vireo Rainbow Road Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo Echo Valley Farm
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Rosman US-NC 35.07821, -82.84160
3Blue-headed Vireo Stonebridge community, Todd

June 30

1Blue-headed Vireo Home
1Blue-headed Vireo Moses H. Cone Memorial Park--Bass Lake
2Blue-headed Vireo 367 Leeward Lane Cullowhee US-NC (35.1514,-83.1813)
2Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Balsam Grove US-NC (35.3226,-82.8285)
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Mt. Hardy Overlook
3Blue-headed Vireo Cascade Falls Loop Trail, Deep Gap US-NC 36.24564, -81.45793
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Linville Falls
1Blue-headed Vireo Dupont SF
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Craggy Gardens
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Orchard Overlook
1Blue-headed Vireo Sweetgrass. Boone Fork Lake. Blowing Rock NC
4Blue-headed Vireo Moses Cone Grave walk
1Blue-headed Vireo E. B. Jeffress Park
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Heffner Gap
4Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Craggy Gardens Visitor Center
7Blue-headed Vireo *Moses Cone Memorial Park--Trout Lake
3Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy Tanbark Tunnel to Lane Pinnacle Overlook
4Blue-headed Vireo Grandfather Mountain SP--Profile Trail
4Blue-headed Vireo Flannery Fork Rd, Blowing Rock US-NC 36.17013, -81.68619
1Blue-headed Vireo Resch NC Neighborhood
1Blue-headed Vireo Hoot Owl Rd., Haywood Co., NC

June 29

1Blue-headed Vireo Horace Williams Tract
3Blue-headed Vireo Holmes Educational State Forest
1Blue-headed Vireo Kimberly Dr Bryson City NC
1Blue-headed Vireo Canton, North Carolina, US (35.37, -82.846)
3Blue-headed Vireo Dugger Firetower
1Blue-headed Vireo Mason Farm Biological Reserve
5Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Big Bald
2Blue-headed Vireo Land Harbor Lake
XBlue-headed Vireo 905 Indian Ridge Trail, Hendersonville US-NC 35.27736, -82.60936
1Blue-headed Vireo Hanging Rock SP
1Blue-headed Vireo 1830 Laurel Falls Road, Brevard, North Carolina, US (35.242, -82.77)
1Blue-headed Vireo Fort Bragg South (Restricted Military Access)
1Blue-headed Vireo Valle Crucis Community Park

June 28

2Blue-headed Vireo Parkway Elementary School
2Blue-headed Vireo 100 Deer Mountain Rd, Pittsboro US-NC (35.8616,-79.1762)
1Blue-headed Vireo Doc Pruitt Homeplace
1Blue-headed Vireo Chatuge Dam Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo Moore Cove Falls Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo US-North Carolina-Weaverville-204 Sugar Creek Road - 35.769x-82.48
3Blue-headed Vireo Julian Price Memorial Park--Price Lake
2Blue-headed Vireo Moses Cone Memorial Park, Blowing Rock US-NC 36.15134, -81.68573
2Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Rough Ridge
1Blue-headed Vireo Nantahala National Forest, Highlands US-NC 35.04974, -83.22284
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Sam Knob Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo Tessentee Bottomland Preserve
1Blue-headed Vireo Misty Mountain Farm
11Blue-headed Vireo Great Smoky Mountains NP--Swain Co., NC
1Blue-headed Vireo Stone Mountain SP
1Blue-headed Vireo Robert Lake Park
1Blue-headed VireoFort Bragg Overhills (Restricted Military Access)

June 27

1Blue-headed Vireo Moriah NW (NP) Center Grove Farm large pond, fields and forest
1Blue-headed Vireo 2268 Mt Pleasant Rd, Newland US-NC 36.04062, -81.95428
1Blue-headed Vireo Mine Fork Bennett Farm
1Blue-headed Vireo Crabtree Picnic Area
1Blue-headed Vireo New River SP--Elk Shoals
1Blue-headed Vireo 396 Mouzon Rd, Waynesville US-NC 35.53461, -82.97717
3Blue-headed Vireo Hooker Falls
6Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Little Lost Cove Cliffs
1Blue-headed Vireo Auto selected
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Mt. Pisgah Campground
1Blue-headed Vireo Boone Greenway Trail

June 26

1Blue-headed Vireo Great Smoky Mountains NP--Mt. Sterling Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo 385 Purple Finch Rd, Brevard US-NC 35.13242, -82.68506
2Blue-headed Vireo Mt. Pisgah Inn
1Blue-headed Vireo FS 81 (Old Santeetlah Rd.) (Graham Co.)
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Brevard US-NC 35.24398, -82.75101
2Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Grassy Ridge Mine Overlook
1Blue-headed Vireo 10832 State Road 1227, Old Fort, North Carolina, US (35.735, -82.191)
7Blue-headed Vireo Nantahala NF--Hooper Bald
XBlue-headed Vireo 323 Shadow Run Road, Hendersonville, North Carolina, US (35.399, -82.28)
1Blue-headed Vireo Christmount Christian Assembly
1Blue-headed Vireo Stoney Fork
1Blue-headed Vireo Curtis Creek Rd 1832 U.S. 70, Old Fort, North Carolina, US (35.646, -82.158)
XBlue-headed Vireo Glen Burney Tr./New Year Creek
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Flat Rock
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Newland US-NC 36.00541, -81.89193
1Blue-headed Vireo Lake Junaluska
2Blue-headed Vireo Stecoah Gap—NC Birding Trail Forest Service Rd. (Graham Co.)
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF -- Pine Gap Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Marion US-NC (35.9132,-81.9185)
1Blue-headed Vireo Nantahala National Forest, Highlands US-NC 35.07814, -83.19552
1Blue-headed Vireo 28790, Zirconia US-NC 35.20389, -82.49141
1Blue-headed Vireo Tallulah Bog
4Blue-headed Vireo PRIVATE - no public access; NE Watauga Co.
2Blue-headed Vireo Lakey Gap
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Looking Glass Rock
2Blue-headed Vireo Fort Bragg North / West (Restricted Military Access)
1Blue-headed Vireo 28640, Jefferson US-NC (36.4599,-81.4768)
XBlue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--East Fork Overlook MM 418.3
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Devil's Courthouse

June 25

1Blue-headed Vireo Davis Mountain Rd, Hendersonville US-NC 35.31118, -82.53390
1Blue-headed Vireo Great Smoky Mountains NP--Charlies Bunion Trail
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Tanbark Ridge Tunnel (North End)
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Rhododendron Gardens & Cloudland Trail
2Blue-headed Vireo 962–1628 Burkett Rd, Boone US-NC (36.2986,-81.6252)
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Conservation Campus
1Blue-headed Vireo Toxaway Trail
3Blue-headed Vireo South Mountains SP
1Blue-headed Vireo 600–682 Rock Springs Church Rd, Rutherfordton US-NC (35.4092,-82.1295)
1Blue-headed Vireo 2374–2526 S Lake Summit Rd, Saluda US-NC 35.22144, -82.41070
1Blue-headed Vireo Surl woods thicket and pasture
1Blue-headed Vireo 2057–2111 Grassy Knob Rd, Mill Spring US-NC 35.40313, -82.17709
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education
XBlue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Roan High Bluff
2Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Balsam Gap
1Blue-headed Vireo 591 Little Gap Road, Fleetwood, North Carolina, US (36.276, -81.523)
1Blue-headed Vireo River Bend Drive
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Bearpen Gap
1Blue-headed Vireo 2700–2798 Grassy Knob Rd, Mill Spring US-NC 35.39651, -82.18530
1Blue-headed Vireo Full Moon Dr near Paint Gap on Horton Crk Rd (35.87803, -82.43034)
1Blue-headed Vireo Bear Den Campground 832 Bear Den Mountain Drive, Marion, North Carolina, US (35.896, -81.974)
5Blue-headed Vireo 136 Meadow Lake Rd, Asheville US-NC 35.53520, -82.51277
2Blue-headed Vireo Crowders Mountain SP--Sparrow Springs Access Area
1Blue-headed Vireo Julian Price Memorial Park, Boone US-NC (36.1394,-81.7574)
XBlue-headed Vireo 905 Indian Ridge Trail, Hendersonville US-NC 35.27742, -82.60937
5Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah National Forest, Canton US-NC 35.32584, -82.88187
4Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Devil's Courthouse Overlook
3Blue-headed Vireo 60–468 King Stepp Rd, Mill Spring US-NC 35.39189, -82.18783
1Blue-headed Vireo Blue Ridge Pkwy--Bull Creek Valley Overlook
1Blue-headed Vireo Pisgah NF--Davidson River Campground
2Blue-headed Vireo Nantahala National Forest, Robbinsville US-NC 35.27279, -83.71962
1Blue-headed Vireo Old Anglin Loop, Stoneville US-NC (36.5279,-79.9839)
1Blue-headed Vireo 1884 Old Anglin Loop, Stoneville, North Carolina, US (36.535, -79.99)