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The Carolina Bird Club is a non-profit organization that represents and supports the birding community in the Carolinas through its website, publications, meetings, workshops, trips, and partnerships, whose mission is

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The Carolina Bird Club, Inc., is a non-profit educational and scientific association open to anyone interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds.

The Club meets each winter, spring, and fall at different locations in the Carolinas. Meeting sites are selected to give participants an opportunity to see many different kinds of birds. Guided field trips and informative programs are combined for an exciting weekend of meeting with people who share an enthusiasm and concern for birds.

The Club offers research grants in avian biology for undergraduate and graduate students, and scholarships for young birders.

The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). The Chat is a quarterly ornithological journal that contains scientific articles, reports of bird records committees and bird counts, and general field notes on bird sightings. CBC Newsletter is published bimonthly and includes birding articles and information about meetings, field trips, and Club news.

The Club provides this website to all for free.

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Other Resources (NOT sponsored by Carolina Bird Club)

Locations where Fish Crow has been recently reported in North Carolina

Only the most recent report per location is shown. Some reports may be pending verification.

July 4

1Fish Crow Mid Pines Rd.
1Fish Crow Wrightsville Beach--Masonboro Inlet
4Fish Crow Emerald Isle yard, ponds & neighborhood
1Fish Crow U.S. 1 Ringneck Pond
1Fish Crow 3677–3799 Sids Mill Rd, Fayetteville US-NC 35.01674, -78.78812
1Fish Crow 8159 Feldwig Place, Raleigh, North Carolina, US (35.9, -78.518)
3Fish Crow Little Sugar Creek Greenway
1Fish Crow Heron Bay Property (Private)
1Fish Crow Salem Creek Greenway
1Fish Crow Lake Johnson Park
1Fish Crow Caldwell Station Creek Greenway
2Fish Crow Beaver Creek Waterfowl Impoundment
1Fish Crow Jordan Lake--B. Everett Jordan Dam
4Fish Crow Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve
7Fish Crow Amazon Retention Pond
2Fish Crow Stagecoach Road Gamelands
1Fish Crow 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69303, -76.86910
3Fish Crow Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve--Boyd Tract
1Fish Crow Jordan Game Land--Transis Camp Rd.
2Fish Crow Johnnie Mercer's Pier
2Fish Crow Gate to the dam
2Fish Crow Peachway Cottonwood Loop
1Fish Crow Guilford County Farm/Howerton Rd. (Guilford Co.)
3Fish Crow 503 Truitt Dr, Elon US-NC 36.09278, -79.49631
10Fish Crow Civitan Park
2Fish Crow 1008 Chancellors Ridge Dr, Durham US-NC 35.88803, -78.94869
1Fish Crow Dan River Nature Trail
3Fish Crow Amick Rd./Guilford County Farm (ALAMANCE Co.)
2Fish Crow Azalea Park
1Fish Crow Schenck Forest
5Fish Crow 1101–1797 Silverthorne Rd, Merritt US-NC 35.12536, -76.63179
2Fish Crow yard Honey Pot Road, Gatesville, North Carolina, US (36.436, -76.708)
2Fish Crow 277 Springhill Lane, Garner, North Carolina, US (35.616, -78.583)
3Fish Crow Lake Surf (restricted access)
1Fish Crow 308 Hinton Street, Knightdale, North Carolina, US (35.792, -78.523)
3Fish Crow Briar Chapel--Pokeberry Creek
2Fish Crow Lake Clermont Lot#42
1Fish Crow Avalon Pier
3Fish Crow Brian P's Yard (Private)
1Fish Crow Lake Betz
9Fish Crow Lake Wheeler marshes

July 3

5Fish Crow Botanical Gardens at Asheville
2Fish Crow Rockingham - Leaksville Neighborhood
2Fish Crow Loch Lomond, Lochmere, Cary
1Fish Crow danny's house
6Fish Crow Wiggins Mill Reservoir--Wiggins Mill Rd.
1Fish Crow 540 S Lasalle St, Durham US-NC 36.01235, -78.95059
1Fish Crow Lake Cammack Park and Marina
4Fish Crow Rosman Community Park
2Fish Crow Lee Bucks Rd.
1Fish Crow Pender Kite Site Hwy 11, North Carolina, US (34.637, -78.103)
3Fish Crow Wiggins Mill Reservoir, Wilson US-NC (35.6888,-77.9539) new boat ramp area and side creek
1Fish Crow Kinston Boating Access Area
3Fish Crow 1085 Norris Road
4Fish Crow Cape Hatteras NS--Old Cape Point beach road/walkway
1Fish Crow Moore's Creek National Battlefield
1Fish Crow PTI--Service Center Rd
1Fish Crow Eagle Spur Rail Trail--Stagecoach Rd.
4Fish Crow McKinney Lake Fish Hatchery
1Fish Crow Reynolda
3Fish Crow North Carolina Zoological Park
1Fish Crow Lake Crabtree SE, Cary US-NC
1Fish Crow 505 N Main St, Belmont US-NC 35.25164, -81.04346
1Fish Crow North River Farms (permission required)
8Fish Crow Washington Park
6Fish Crow Northwest Raleigh
8Fish Crow Greenfield Lake
1Fish Crow Sarah P. Duke Gardens
1Fish Crow 545 Frank Rector Rd, Marshall US-NC 35.77661, -82.66056
1Fish Crow 829 Wallridge Drive (private residence), Wake Forest, North Carolina, US (36.003, -78.515)
5Fish Crow County Line Gun Club/Fishing Creek property(private)
1Fish Crow East Fork Mine Creek Trial (Newton Road)
1Fish Crow 2615 Middle Branch Bend, Fayetteville, North Carolina, US (35.012, -79.003)
1Fish Crow Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
3Fish Crow Falls Lake--Rolling View
28Fish Crow 101–298 Whitehurst Rd [Creeds SE], Knotts Island US-NC 36.53162, -76.05680
9Fish Crow Dan Nicholas Park
2Fish Crow 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69303, -76.86910
2Fish Crow 101–137 Middle Gibbs Rd, Knotts Island US-NC 36.53492, -76.06284
1Fish Crow 212–266 Middle Gibbs Rd, Knotts Island US-NC 36.53589, -76.07600
2Fish Crow home
1Fish Crow Patterson Place Constructed Wetland
4Fish Crow Old Bynum Bridge
2Fish Crow 426 Kugler Kamp Rd, Washington US-NC 35.45113, -76.84832
1Fish Crow Cherokee Lake Day Use Area
3Fish Crow 408–468 W Gibbs Rd [Creeds SW], Knotts Island US-NC 36.53313, -76.09916
1Fish Crow 730–798 Kennels Beach Rd, Grantsboro US-NC 35.03058, -76.88314
2Fish Crow NCBA Streets: Nugget, Gold Valley and Jernigan in Spring Hope (35.914, -78.161)
1Fish Crow Bass Lake Park & Trail
1Fish Crow Cornelius rental home
2Fish Crow Waves soundfront
1Fish Crow 28562, New Bern, NC (Private)
1Fish Crow BHBP
3Fish Crow Crabtree Creek Greenway
1Fish Crow Joe's Backyard
2Fish Crow 223 Planters Ct, Leland US-NC 34.18498, -78.07156
1Fish Crow 309 Sandhurst Rd, Raleigh US-NC 35.92048, -78.64500
2Fish Crow Middle Dr.
3Fish Crow Dentention Pond - Freddy's
4Fish Crow Buckhorn Reservoir
2Fish Crow 221 Prescott Drive, Durham, North Carolina, US
4Fish Crow Cape Hatteras NS--Cape Point
2Fish Crow 502 Broad Creek Dr, Washington US-NC 35.49275, -76.95323
2Fish Crow Fairfield Neighborhood
1Fish Crow Woodlake Trail
8Fish Crow Salem Lake
2Fish Crow 314 John Cline Rd, Cherryville US-NC 35.31314, -81.45484
2Fish Crow 19 Old Fish Hatchery Road, Edenton, North Carolina, US (36.057, -76.628)
1Fish Crow 923 Carolina Ave, Durham US-NC 36.01361, -78.92574
1Fish Crow Styrontown Beach Road Pier Oriental, North Carolina, US (35.009, -76.71)
6Fish Crow Tucket
1Fish Crow Hoffman Road Drowning Creek to SCS
1Fish Crow Overlook Cemetery West Side

July 2

1Fish Crow Cumberland County Park
1Fish Crow Holden Beach--Beachfront
1Fish Crow 40 Flack Valley Road
1Fish Crow Yates Mill County Park
1Fish Crow Hanging Dog Boat Ramp
4Fish Crow Bodie Island--Coquina Beach
1Fish Crow 7600 Secondary Road 12, Ocracoke US-NC 35.15119, -75.85975
1Fish Crow Stokes Rd, Middlesex
2Fish Crow USS North Carolina Memorial
1Fish Crow The Manors at Old Lead Mine
1Fish Crow 950 Parkside Village Drive, Clayton, North Carolina, US (35.645, -78.488)
2Fish Crow 9400 Saint Johns Church Road, Zebulon, North Carolina, US (35.882, -78.339)
1Fish Crow Ocracoke Island--Pony Pasture
1Fish Crow Cross Creek Cemetery #2
2Fish Crow Toisnot Reservoir
1Fish Crow 101 Channel Run, Washington US-NC 35.49423, -76.95356
1Fish Crow Cedar Island Ferry Terminal
1Fish Crow Cedar Island NWR
2Fish Crow Forney Creek Conservation Area
1Fish Crow Lookout Loop, Raleigh, NC
2Fish Crow Merwin Rd, Raleigh US-NC 35.77338, -78.69981
1Fish Crow Berkeley Park and wetlands
2Fish Crow County Road 1341, Pollocksville, North Carolina, US (35.047, -77.114)
2Fish Crow Rockyhock Landing
2Fish Crow Tranquil Acres, Eastover, NC
2Fish Crow Lower Booker Creek Trail
1Fish Crow Beaman Road, New Bern, NC
5Fish Crow Amazon Retention Ponds, Pineville, North Carolina, US (35.101, -80.913)
1Fish Crow NCBA Dealous Drive and Broughton (fields) (35.876, -78.419)
1Fish Crow 206 garden pond road
1Fish Crow 2828 Durham Rd, Roxboro US-NC (36.3553,-78.9838)
1Fish Crow Crump Farm Road, New Bern, North Carolina, US (35.057, -77.112)
2Fish Crow Azalea 2, Brunswick Plantation
1Fish Crow Kevin Lofton Riverfront Park
1Fish Crow Lake Crabtree County Park, Cary US-NC 35.84227, -78.79657
2Fish Crow Jordan Lake--New Hope Creek arm (Chatham Co)
1Fish Crow 785 Tart Town Road, Dunn, North Carolina, US (35.275, -78.43)
1Fish Crow HOME
1Fish Crow NCBA Streets: Lassiter Road US (35.903, -78.425)
4Fish Crow Harris Lake County Park
1Fish Crow pdoerr yard
2Fish Crow 735 Ninth St, Durham US-NC 36.00880, -78.92515
2Fish Crow Mattamuskeet Rd, Swanquarter US-NC 35.46066, -76.20374
1Fish Crow 1833 Cochran Place, Charlotte, North Carolina, US (35.231, -80.805)
2Fish Crow 123 Hawk Run Ln, Troutman US-NC 35.65548, -80.93312
4Fish Crow Home
XFish Crow 560 Judson Church Road, Fayetteville, North Carolina, US (35.011, -78.816)
5Fish Crow NCSU Central Crops
1Fish Crow NCBA Streets: Sandy Woods Drive (35.909, -78.424)
4Fish Crow 502 Broad Creek Drive, Washington, North Carolina, US (35.493, -76.953)
2Fish Crow Falls Lake Dam Entrance
1Fish Crow CCNC By Dam, No 5 Tee Dogwood
2Fish Crow Cape Hatteras NS--Salt Pond
1Fish Crow Amberly Lake and Morris Branch Greenway
1Fish Crow Cross Creek Cemetery, Fay. NC
1Fish Crow My Backyard, -80.51684
1Fish Crow Cane Creek Reservoir (Restricted Access)
2Fish Crow 903A Park Ridge Road, Durham, North Carolina, US (35.917, -78.949)

July 1

2Fish Crow 178 Blue Heron Drive, Marion, North Carolina, US (35.727, -82.025) Walking From Riverbend Road To Marion Fish Hatchery
1Fish Crow Rebekah Roan’s yard
2Fish Crow Fort Bragg rail yard
2Fish Crow Pinehurst Drive Ponds
3Fish Crow Callie Road
1Fish Crow Daughtry Road, Wade, North Carolina, US (35.154, -78.781)
1Fish Crow River Field
4Fish Crow Foxwood Drive (Beegle's yard) (35.8893402, -78.6553067)
1Fish Crow Greensboro Bog Garden
2Fish Crow Jackie Lee Road, Wade, North Carolina, US (35.146, -78.759)
1Fish Crow Currituck Banks National Estuarine Research Reserve
1Fish Crow 1400 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US (36.077, -80.305)
1Fish Crow Weeks Park
2Fish Crow Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park
1Fish Crow Martin Marietta Park (Former Quarry)
2Fish Crow Crowder District Park
2Fish Crow Kilmarlic Soundfront Park (private)
1Fish Crow Kilmarlic Golf Club — wooded gazebo and vicinity
2Fish Crow Fort Fisher SRA--Spit (New Hanover Co.)
2Fish Crow Home
1Fish Crow Cape Lookout NS--Morgan Island
1Fish Crow Crabtree Creek Wetland--West of Raleigh Blvd.
1Fish Crow Dog Park, Nags Head US-NC 35.98725, -75.65015
2Fish Crow 400–498 Beechnut Ave, South Mills US-NC (36.3988,-76.2863)
10Fish Crow Yorkshire, Brookridge & Brook Valley
1Fish Crow 4544 Beaver Dam Church Rd, Roseboro US-NC 34.88748, -78.59520
2Fish Crow Tanglewood Park
XFish Crow Carolina Beach State Park
2Fish Crow 100–244 Beechnut Ave, South Mills US-NC 36.40764, -76.28636
1Fish Crow Prairie Ridge Ecostation for Wildlife Learning
2Fish Crow Currituck Heritage Park
2Fish Crow 8509 Crowder Road, Raleigh, North Carolina, US (35.645, -78.641)
2Fish Crow East Shackleford Banks
2Fish Crow Shaw University
1Fish Crow Peachway Cottonwood Loop
1Fish Crow Price Park
1Fish Crow 312 Ronal Circle, Raleigh, North Carolina, US (35.645, -78.657)
1Fish Crow Private Residence
1Fish Crow Catawba Cove
3Fish Crow 7306 Howerton Road, Gibsonville, North Carolina, US (36.136, -79.547)
2Fish Crow Cedar Grove Park
2Fish Crow Fieldstone Farms
1Fish Crow Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary--Nature Trail
2Fish Crow Private Land by Permission, Cary US-NC 35.78134, -78.89843
5Fish Crow Fairfield harbour
1Fish Crow 330 Oak Run Ln, Kitty Hawk US-NC 36.06323, -75.69892
3Fish Crow Fort Bragg - Moore County (Restricted Military Access)
4Fish Crow 502 Broad Creek Dr, Washington US-NC 35.49257, -76.95326

June 30

2Fish Crow 312 Rensselaer Ave, Charlotte US-NC 35.21407, -80.85408
2Fish Crow Lower Haw SNA--Bynum
1Fish Crow Carolina North--Hanford Rd entrance
8Fish Crow 1427 Bay Street, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, US (33.87, -78.52)
2Fish Crow Oakhurst Nature Trail
2Fish Crow ***Home - 232 Buffalo Church Rd
1Fish Crow Lawson Creek Park
1Fish Crow 555 Akron Dr, Winston-Salem US-NC 36.13963, -80.23689
1Fish Crow Ayr Mount Plantation
2Fish Crow 100 Stratford Lakes Drive, Durham, North Carolina, US (35.944, -78.911)
1Fish Crow Duke University--Reclamation Pond
3Fish Crow Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve
5Fish Crow Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Rodanthe US-NC 35.37671, -75.49229
8Fish Crow Salem Pond Park
3Fish Crow 423–431 Lambs Rd, Camden US-NC 36.37794, -76.18464
1Fish Crow Holden Beach--Sailfish St. Marsh & Trail
1Fish Crow White Oak Park
1Fish Crow Bolin Creek--Umstead Park
1Fish Crow William S. "Bill" Smith Park
1Fish Crow Earnest Rd, Polkton US-NC 35.16298, -80.27996
1Fish Crow Lake Wilson
1Fish Crow Oklawaha Greenway-Berkeley Road Access
1Fish Crow Home 2404 Bristers Spring Way, Apex US-NC (35.7539,-78.8827)
1Fish Crow Pfeiffer University
2Fish Crow Kessler Property (private- no public access)
1Fish Crow Rt 1341 Trentwoods Rd, Croatan NF, New Bern US-NC 35.05643, -77.11420
1Fish Crow Twin Lakes Park
1Fish Crow Reedy Creek Nature Preserve
1Fish Crow Oak Hollow Lake North Overlook
1Fish Crow 1st Left Weyerhauser, Beaufort US-NC 34.87921, -76.63099 (Private)
2Fish Crow Fort Bragg Military Reservation
4Fish Crow 309 Sandhurst Rd, Raleigh US-NC 35.92052, -78.64499
1Fish Crow Fort Fisher--Federal Point/The Rocks
2Fish Crow Long Creek Park
6Fish Crow Salem Lake--Marina
12Fish Crow Howard's Home
2Fish Crow Osprey nest
2Fish Crow Botany/Asheton/Pinecrest
1Fish Crow NW Creek - Fairfield Harbour
1Fish Crow 1452 Yadkinville Rd, Mocksville US-NC 35.91963, -80.58461
2Fish Crow New River Inlet
1Fish Crow Grace Court Park
6Fish Crow Belews Lake--Carolina Marina
2Fish Crow Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area

June 29

2Fish Crow Home
1Fish Crow Sandy Creek Park
1Fish Crow Folk Art Center
1Fish Crow Bufflehome
2Fish Crow 4700 Emperor Blvd, Durham US-NC 35.87832, -78.83895
1Fish Crow 5301 Shearon Harris Rd, New Hill US-NC 35.61933, -78.93499
1Fish Crow 4544 Beaver Dam Church Rd, Roseboro US-NC 34.88746, -78.59515
3Fish Crow Lake Brandt--Palmetto Trail
1Fish Crow Rybczynski Home Cary US-NC (35.7532,-78.7722)
1Fish Crow Island Creek Rd, near County Line Rd, Croatan NF, New Bern US-NC 35.03110, -77.10598
1Fish Crow Bond Park
1Fish Crow Maple Park
6Fish Crow Goose Creek SP
1Fish Crow 206 Waterlily Rd, Coinjock US-NC 36.34061, -75.95092
2Fish Crow Croatan National Forest, Havelock US-NC 34.94541, -76.88017
1Fish Crow New Rodanthe Public Beach Access site
2Fish Crow Wiggins Mill -- Pittman Park
1Fish Crow Tar River Trail--Battle Park
1Fish Crow Discovery Lake (Restricted Access)
1Fish Crow Old Wharf Road, Wanchese
1Fish Crow Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary and Center
2Fish Crow 192 W Back Creek Rd, Beaufort US-NC 34.89543, -76.62562
1Fish Crow Celebrity Dairy Way
1Fish Crow 168 Neals Creek Rd, Poplar Branch US-NC 36.26132, -75.87940
1Fish Crow The Pines at Davidson
2Fish Crow Little Tennessee River Greenway
2Fish Crow 2221 Robinwood Rd, Gastonia US-NC 35.23459, -81.15778
2Fish Crow Central Park (Stokes Co.)
1Fish Crow Baird Drive*
1Fish Crow 1655 Oakside Ct SW, Ocean Isle Beach US-NC 33.91146, -78.40446
4Fish Crow Burnt Mill Creek
3Fish Crow Freedom Park
2Fish Crow First Fruits Farm
1Fish Crow Hanes Park

June 28

1Fish Crow 2703 Market Bridge Ln, Raleigh US-NC 35.81614, -78.66225
1Fish Crow 6325 Clemmons Point Drive, Clemmons, North Carolina, US (36.037, -80.386)
1Fish Crow Entz Home, Oak Ridge, NC
1Fish Crow New Bern Waterfront, North Carolina, US (35.104, -77.038)
1Fish Crow Lake Townsend--Blue Heron Trail
1Fish Crow Beaver Marsh
4Fish Crow Vernon Blades Park
2Fish Crow Neuse River Trail--Abbotts Creek
1Fish Crow US-158, Advance US-NC 36.01364, -80.41882
1Fish Crow Catawba Meadows Park
4Fish Crow scissor-tailed flycatcher at Amazon retention pond.
1Fish Crow Chatuge Dam Trail
1Fish Crow 27925, Columbia US-NC 35.90545, -76.13103
1Fish Crow Roland E. Horne Walking Trail
1Fish Crow Clairway Neighborhood
10Fish Crow 293 North Carolina 740, Badin, North Carolina, US (35.408, -80.115)
1Fish Crow Auto selected 34.68800, -76.86856
5Fish Crow Salters Creek Mouth, Beaufort US-NC 34.89565, -76.40319
2Fish Crow Badin Lake--Swimming Area
2Fish Crow Callie Road
1Fish Crow Fort Bragg, Spring Lake US-NC 35.19031, -79.03804
1Fish Crow 280 Clodfelter Rd, Thomasville US-NC 35.90491, -80.15903
1Fish Crow Toisnot Park, Wilson US-NC (35.7486,-77.9048) — Northwest end
4Fish Crow Orton Pond
1Fish Crow NCBA Streets: Cooksbury and Broomstraw, Durham (36.038, -78.809)
2Fish Crow South Creek, Aurora US-NC (35.3302,-76.7614)
2Fish Crow American Tobacco Trail--New Hill-Olive Chapel Road Access
4Fish Crow Home
1Fish Crow 220 Catawba Meadows Dr, Morganton US-NC 35.76178, -81.70318
1Fish Crow Salem Lake--Linville Rd.
1Fish Crow 289 Mountview Drive, Mocksville, North Carolina, US (35.901, -80.532)
1Fish Crow 419 Campbell Road, Mocksville, North Carolina, US (35.913, -80.559)
3Fish Crow Croatan NF--Patsy Pond Nature Trail
2Fish Crow Alligator River Gamelands (35.90167, -76.06017)
1Fish Crow Marion Diehl Park
2Fish Crow Sunset Beach--Twin Lakes
1Fish Crow American Tobacco Trail--C.M. Herndon Park
1Fish Crow 636–798 Highway 70 Sea Level, Sealevel US-NC 34.87660, -76.39052
2Fish Crow Wildlife Ramp Rd, Beaufort US-NC 34.89032, -76.39530
3Fish Crow Corolla Lake
3Fish Crow Salter Creek Boat Ramp, Beaufort US-NC 34.89235, -76.40011
1Fish Crow Currituck Beach Lighthouse
1Fish Crow 2059–2199 Highway 70 Stacy, Stacy US-NC 34.87951, -76.41470
1Fish Crow Fort Bragg Overhills (Restricted Military Access)
1Fish Crow 630 Water Works Rd, Reidsville US-NC (36.2918,-79.6823)
2Fish Crow 43 Mattamuskeet Road, Swan Quarter, North Carolina, US (35.452, -76.181)
5Fish Crow Union Point Park

June 27

2Fish Crow Rich Walker Rd
3Fish Crow 306 Black Mountain Avenue, Black Mountain, North Carolina, US (35.612, -82.321)
7Fish Crow Daughtry Rd., Wade, NC
2Fish Crow Nags Head--Village Sound Access
2Fish Crow Lake Crabtree Nature Trail--Southport Entrance