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The Club offers research grants in avian biology for undergraduate and graduate students, and scholarships for young birders.

The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). The Chat is a quarterly ornithological journal that contains scientific articles, reports of bird records committees and bird counts, and general field notes on bird sightings. CBC Newsletter is published bimonthly and includes birding articles and information about meetings, field trips, and Club news.

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Locations where Laughing Gull has been recently reported in North Carolina

Only the most recent report per location is shown. Some reports may be pending verification.

July 1

2Laughing Gull 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69298, -76.86915
14Laughing Gull Johnnie Mercer's Pier
4Laughing Gull 355 Audubon Drive, Corolla, North Carolina, US (36.261, -75.786)
17Laughing Gull US-NC-Ocean Isle Beach-89 W 1st St - 33.8853x-78.4437
3Laughing Gull River Run Short Pier
35Laughing Gull Martin Marietta Park (Former Quarry)
1Laughing Gull 349 Lola Road, Cedar Island, North Carolina, US (34.969, -76.291)
7Laughing Gull Pea Island NWR--North Pond
1Laughing Gull Kilmarlic Soundfront Park (private)
16Laughing Gull Fort Fisher SRA--Spit (New Hanover Co.)
1Laughing Gull Lake Clermont Lot#42
3Laughing Gull 65 Causeway Dr, Ocean Isle Beach US-NC 33.89379, -78.43856
10Laughing Gull 2519 South Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, North Carolina, US (35.986, -75.64)
2Laughing Gull Greenfield Lake
XLaughing Gull Carolina Beach State Park
1Laughing Gull 1427 Bay Street, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, US (33.87, -78.52)
4Laughing Gull Currituck Heritage Park
3Laughing Gull Emerald Isle
14Laughing Gull East Shackleford Banks
40Laughing Gull North River Farms (permission required)
16Laughing Gull Bird Island State Reserve
12Laughing Gull Pea Island NWR--North Pond Wildlife Trail
4Laughing Gull South Topsail Beach
5Laughing Gull 1206 Neuse Drive, Oriental, NC, US (35.031, -76.685)
4Laughing Gull Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve
20Laughing Gull Waves soundfront
70Laughing Gull Pea Island NWR--Salt Flats Wildlife Trail
11Laughing Gull Fairfield harbour
1Laughing Gull Onslow Beach ISS
12Laughing Gull Bodie Island Lighthouse & Pond
40Laughing Gull Avalon Pier
1Laughing Gull 502 Broad Creek Dr, Washington US-NC 35.49257, -76.95326
6Laughing Gull 1209 Ocean Blvd, Topsail Beach US-NC 34.35892, -77.63669

June 30

4Laughing Gull Billy-Bobs Beach House
2Laughing Gull Mayfaire, Wilmington US-NC 34.24326, -77.82805
24Laughing Gull North Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Beach US-NC 34.68567, -76.88672
8Laughing Gull Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park
10Laughing Gull Lawson Creek Park
3Laughing Gull 213 Parkwood Dr, Jacksonville US-NC (34.7764,-77.3872)
5Laughing Gull 225 W Main St, Washington US-NC 35.54259, -77.05805
8Laughing Gull 113–199 Sand Dollar St, Holden Beach US-NC 33.91451, -78.30869
2Laughing Gull Wright Farm Rd, Beaufort US-NC 34.77374, -76.66335
2Laughing Gull Holden Beach--Sailfish St. Marsh & Trail
3Laughing Gull 102 N Harbor Dr, Beaufort US-NC 34.76459, -76.62843
3Laughing Gull Fort Macon SP--Beach
2Laughing Gull William S. "Bill" Smith Park
3Laughing Gull Carolina Beach State Park, Carolina Beach US-NC 34.04877, -77.91881
3Laughing Gull Bald Head Island
1Laughing Gull Carolina Beach State Park, Carolina Beach US-NC 34.05016, -77.91440
18Laughing Gull Oregon Inlet South Rock Jetty
1Laughing Gull 1st Left Weyerhauser, Beaufort US-NC 34.87921, -76.63099 (Private)
1Laughing Gull Bodie Island Marsh Blind
1Laughing Gull Tupelo Swamp Road, Beaufort US-NC, (34.8855804, -76.6397573) (PRIVATE LAND)
1Laughing Gull 400–472 Sailboat Rd, Shiloh US-NC 36.17462, -75.95978
2Laughing Gull 151–199 Sailboat Rd, Shiloh US-NC 36.18071, -75.99379
4Laughing Gull N of Isaac Creek Road Marsh Viewpoint , Beaufort US-NC (34.8931,-76.6338) (PRIVATE)
12Laughing Gull Avon Oceanfront
5Laughing Gull Fort Fisher--Federal Point/The Rocks
20Laughing Gull Cape Hatteras NS--Cape Point
3Laughing Gull Pea Island NWR--South Pond
6Laughing Gull Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry Parking Lot
3Laughing Gull NW Creek - Fairfield Harbour
12Laughing Gull South Pond-New Field Platform
15Laughing Gull New River Inlet
1Laughing Gull Isaac Creek Road 2nd Bend, Beaufort US-NC (34.8877,-76.6471) (Private)
5Laughing Gull 28516, Beaufort US-NC (34.9060,-76.6409)
XLaughing Gull Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area

June 29

4Laughing Gull 3090 Highway 70 Beaufort, Beaufort US-NC 34.77483, -76.61826
8Laughing Gull Frisco Sound
9Laughing Gull Bufflehome
2Laughing Gull 127–199 Heron Point Rd, Beaufort US-NC (34.7761,-76.6753)
2Laughing Gull 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69306, -76.86905
1Laughing Gull Russells Creek Bridge (34.7632,-76.6583)
2Laughing Gull Taylorwood Pkwy Field edge, Beaufort US-NC 34.76633, -76.64310
30Laughing Gull Alligator River NWR--Link Road
1Laughing Gull Alligator River NWR--Buffalo City Rd.
9Laughing Gull Aurora Boating Access
2Laughing Gull Pocosin Lakes NWR--Columbia
1Laughing Gull Rocky Point, North Carolina, US (34.543, -77.809)
6Laughing Gull 41859 Ocean View Dr, Rodanthe US-NC 35.33451, -75.50537
1Laughing Gull Maple Park
1Laughing Gull Goose Creek SP
6Laughing Gull New Rodanthe Public Beach Access site
8Laughing Gull Waves--Sea Vista Dr. Pond
7Laughing Gull Bald Head Island--Cape Fear Point
5Laughing Gull pea island
2Laughing Gull Poplar Branch Boating Access
1Laughing Gull 440–618 Shoreline Dr W, Sunset Beach US-NC (33.8800,-78.5306)
7Laughing Gull Bald Head Island--M. Kent Mitchell Nature Trail
1Laughing Gull Old Wharf Road, Wanchese
2Laughing Gull Beach House
2Laughing Gull 42174 Park Dr, Avon US-NC 35.32220, -75.51133
3Laughing Gull Bald Head Island--Beach Access 1
10Laughing Gull Pea Island NWR
5Laughing Gull Topsail Island Pier
3Laughing Gull 192 W Back Creek Rd, Beaufort US-NC 34.89543, -76.62562
1Laughing Gull 168 Neals Creek Rd, Poplar Branch US-NC 36.26132, -75.87940
11Laughing Gull Bodie Island--Coquina Beach
3Laughing Gull Osprey Point Tract Entrance, Beaufort US-NC 34.91263, -76.62973 (Private)
3Laughing Gull 315 Osprey Point Rd, Beaufort US-NC 34.89826, -76.63170
33Laughing Gull Wrightsville Beach--Masonboro Inlet
180Laughing Gull Nags Head--Jennette's Pier
1Laughing Gull Corolla Beach Access

June 28

9Laughing Gull Bird Shoal
3Laughing Gull Cape Hatteras NS--Ramp 1
2Laughing Gull Crawford Creek, Aurora US-NC 35.50935, -77.04627
88Laughing Gull New Bern Waterfront, North Carolina, US (35.104, -77.038)
1Laughing Gull Jacks Creek Greenway
20Laughing Gull 10412 South Colony South Drive, Nags Head, North Carolina, US (35.848, -75.566)
20Laughing Gull Twin Rivers Mall Pond
1Laughing Gull Whalehead Drive
75Laughing Gull Vernon Blades Park
25Laughing Gull Pea Island NWR--Old Coast Guard Station
2Laughing Gull Currituck Beach Lighthouse
3Laughing Gull Harvey Soundside Park
10Laughing Gull Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Rodanthe US-NC 35.71481, -75.49460
3Laughing Gull Salter Creek Middle, Beaufort US-NC (34.8990,-76.4072)
2Laughing Gull South Phelps Rd, Columbia
6Laughing Gull 27928, Creswell US-NC 35.79267, -76.30658
13Laughing Gull Auto selected 34.68800, -76.86856
4Laughing Gull Salters Creek Mouth, Beaufort US-NC 34.89565, -76.40319
1Laughing Gull Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary and Center
1Laughing Gull 27928, Creswell US-NC 35.79099, -76.28879
4Laughing Gull Orton Pond
40Laughing Gull South Creek, Aurora US-NC (35.3302,-76.7614)
7Laughing Gull 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69301, -76.86915
1Laughing Gull Alligator River Gamelands (35.90167, -76.06017)
21Laughing Gull Alligator River NWR--Creef Cut Wildlife Trail
15Laughing Gull Sunset Beach--Twin Lakes
14Laughing Gull 636–798 Highway 70 Sea Level, Sealevel US-NC 34.87660, -76.39052
4Laughing Gull Salter Creek Boat Ramp, Beaufort US-NC 34.89235, -76.40011
50Laughing Gull 238 Brunswick Ave W, Holden Beach US-NC 33.91496, -78.27902
1Laughing Gull 5329 Trent Woods Dr, Trent Woods US-NC 35.07967, -77.12467
6Laughing Gull 1205 Ocean Blvd, Topsail Beach US-NC 34.35909, -77.63653
50Laughing Gull A Street from North Craven Street to the Neuse River
67Laughing Gull Union Point Park

June 27

8Laughing Gull Four Seasons Beach
3Laughing Gull Nags Head--Village Sound Access
1Laughing Gull 28562, New Bern, NC (Private)
4Laughing Gull Nancy McAndrew
20Laughing Gull Emerald Isle--Islander Public Beach Access
1Laughing Gull Nags Head Causeway--Little Bridge Access
2Laughing Gull 10412 South Colony South Drive, Nags Head, North Carolina, US (35.848, -75.566)
10Laughing Gull Wrightsville beach yacht club
6Laughing Gull Cape Hatteras NS--Ramp 43-44 (Ponds & Beach)
2Laughing Gull 107 N Shore Dr E, Sunset Beach US-NC 33.87214, -78.50646
3Laughing Gull 278 Shoreline Drive, New Bern, North Carolina, US (35.062, -77.152)
6Laughing Gull 23 Beaufort St, Ocean Isle Beach US-NC 33.88453, -78.45522
1Laughing Gull 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69302, -76.86904
2Laughing Gull The Cut/ North Pond US-NC 35.73216, -75.50040
3Laughing Gull 433-401 Shoreline Drive West, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, US (33.882, -78.521)
XLaughing Gull Lee Bucks Rd.
8Laughing Gull Surf City Pier
2Laughing Gull 111 Conch St. Holden Beach, US-NC 33.91552, -78.25816
11Laughing Gull Sunset Beach
75Laughing Gull Sunset Beach - East End

June 26

8Laughing Gull South Nags Head
3Laughing Gull Kitty Hawk Beach
3Laughing Gull Causeway Park
8Laughing Gull Pasquotank River Drawbridge, Elizabeth City
6Laughing Gull Dolphin Run Beach
8Laughing Gull End of fort fisher blvd
6Laughing Gull 353 Audubon Drive, Corolla, North Carolina, US (36.261, -75.787)
15Laughing Gull North Atlantic Ocean, Frisco US-NC 35.20247, -75.72811
30Laughing Gull Medical Park Pond
5Laughing Gull Auto selected 35.20616, -75.78580
3Laughing Gull 418 40th Street, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, US (33.866, -78.518)
62Laughing Gull Sawyer Lake Road, Manns Harbor, North Carolina, US (35.855, -75.89)
30Laughing Gull Holden Beach--East End
2Laughing Gull 534 Sandbucket Arch, Corolla US-NC 36.29648, -75.79878
5Laughing Gull Cape Lookout NS--Core Sound Waterfowl Museum Trails
4Laughing Gull Beacon Island
1Laughing Gull Auto selected 35.23476, -75.77303
6Laughing Gull 113 Sea Isle Dr, Indian Beach US-NC 34.68823, -76.86912
3Laughing Gull Auto selected 35.06971, -76.06721
9Laughing Gull NC Coastal Federation Birding Cruise
18Laughing Gull sunset beach, Sunset Beach US-NC 33.86826, -78.50122
5Laughing Gull Summer Haven Ln
2Laughing Gull Franks Avenue, New Bern, North Carolina, US (35.155, -77.064)
5Laughing Gull Portsmouth Village - west
1Laughing Gull Emerald Isle Woods
1Laughing Gull 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69300, -76.86912
1Laughing Gull Auto selected 35.07371, -76.06528
2Laughing Gull Auto selected 35.07183, -76.05134
1Laughing Gull 465 Silver Lake Dr, Ocracoke US-NC 35.11423, -75.98696
4Laughing Gull Sunset Beach - Area Near Bridge (Ocean Side)
12Laughing Gull Sunset Beach - South End
1Laughing Gull Radio Tower Rd, Bodie island 35.8417x-75.5651
75Laughing Gull W Pine St, Bridgeton US-NC (35.1275,-77.0249)
12Laughing Gull Sunset Beach - Twin Lakes Observation Deck

June 25

1Laughing Gull Northeast 1st Street, Oak Island, North Carolina, US (33.925, -78.159)
1Laughing Gull 217 Sea Isle Pt, Indian Beach US-NC 34.69299, -76.86909
5Laughing Gull Unnamed Road, Cedar Island, North Carolina, US (34.899, -76.256)
18Laughing Gull Oyster Creek Neighborhood, Ocracoke
1Laughing Gull 42174 Park Dr, Avon US-NC 35.32215, -75.51138
8Laughing Gull 212 N Shore Dr, Surf City US-NC (34.4266,-77.5417)
4Laughing Gull 322 CATHAY RD
36Laughing Gull Ocracoke Island, Ocracoke US-NC 35.18140, -75.77926
16Laughing Gull 113 Sea Isle Dr, Indian Beach US-NC 34.68827, -76.86884
4Laughing Gull Cape Hatteras NS--Ramp 55
60Laughing Gull Bald Head Island State Natural Area
XLaughing Gull North Carolina, US (34.18, -77.958)
12Laughing Gull Wind Over Waves Neighborhood
1Laughing Gull Outfall Canal Rd, Swanquarter US-NC 35.42113, -76.15378
12Laughing Gull Mattamuskeet NWR--Canal Road
1Laughing Gull Swanquarter NWR
7Laughing Gull Ocracoke Island, Ocracoke US-NC 35.18787, -75.78177
5Laughing Gull Highway 264 Between New Holland And Highway 94 (35.441, -76.181)
6Laughing Gull Ocracoke Island, Ocracoke US-NC 35.09450, -75.97200
12Laughing Gull S Point Rd, Ocracoke US-NC 35.09303, -75.98324
25Laughing Gull 20700–21568 NC-55, Oriental US-NC 35.07997, -76.71548
2Laughing Gull 4706 Florence Rd, Merritt US-NC 35.14041, -76.65966
1Laughing Gull 49 Water Plant Rd, Ocracoke US-NC 35.11690, -75.98505
1Laughing Gull Roanoke Island Marshes Conservation Project
1Laughing Gull British Cemetery Ocracoke
10Laughing Gull Sunset Beach--East End
2Laughing Gull Airlie Gardens
4Laughing Gull Ocracoke Community Park
3Laughing Gull Wilmington, North Carolina, US (34.18, -77.82)
2Laughing Gull Construction Entrance, Oriental US-NC 35.07665, -76.61680
2Laughing Gull Sunset Beach Park
7Laughing Gull Beach
7Laughing Gull 1101 Irvin Garrish Hwy, Ocracoke US-NC 35.10732, -75.97233
20Laughing Gull Cape Lookout NS--Ramp 16
1Laughing Gull Personal residence
2Laughing Gull 28571, Oriental US-NC 35.07564, -76.59741
1Laughing Gull 235 Loop Rd, Ocracoke US-NC 35.10742, -75.98484
8Laughing Gull Southern Shores Beach
4Laughing Gull 68 Widgeon Woods Rd, Ocracoke US-NC 35.10759, -75.98339
3Laughing Gull Atlantic Ocean 0-10 Miles off Bouge & Shackleford Banks
3Laughing Gull 2400–2546 Orchard Creek Rd, Oriental US-NC 35.06536, -76.62450
6Laughing Gull Ocracoke Island--Silver Lake
6Laughing Gull 70 Straight Rd, Oriental US-NC 35.04638, -76.69071