Finding Birds In South Carolina
Robin Carter

In 1986 when Robin Carter and Caroline Eastman moved to South Carolina, Robin decided that South Carolina needed a bird finding guide and that he was going to write it. Seven years and 80,000 miles later, Finding Birds in South Carolina was published by the University of South Carolina Press in 1993. After the new editor of the Press decided not to reprint or revise the book, Robin requested and received return of the copyright. After Robin's death in 2008, his widow Caroline had the book digitized by Lulu. The full text of the book, in searchable PDF image format, is now available for download at the link above. Note that the download is around 12MB.

In addition to detailed site descriptions organized by county, the book contains a general introduction to birding and bird habitats in South Carolina, a list of sites near major highways, a list of locations for selected species, and both a species and a general index. Although some counties are much better for birding than others, each county is represented by at least one site. Some of the information is now out-of-date, but most of the information is still useful. Keep in mind that a few sites are no longer open to birders, such as the Savannah Spoil Area. The Carolina Bird Club has the nonexclusive right to distribute this book and to prepare derivative works in the form of updated site descriptions for the online site directory.

Also before his death, Robin provided the CBC with updates of many of his site descriptions, and these updated descriptions are available here.

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