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The Carolina Bird Club is a non-profit organization that represents and supports the birding community in the Carolinas through its website, publications, meetings, workshops, trips, and partnerships, whose mission is

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The Carolina Bird Club, Inc., is a non-profit educational and scientific association open to anyone interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds.

The Club meets each winter, spring, and fall at different locations in the Carolinas. Meeting sites are selected to give participants an opportunity to see many different kinds of birds. Guided field trips and informative programs are combined for an exciting weekend of meeting with people who share an enthusiasm and concern for birds.

The Club offers research grants in avian biology for undergraduate and graduate students, and scholarships for young birders.

The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). The Chat is a quarterly ornithological journal that contains scientific articles, reports of bird records committees and bird counts, and general field notes on bird sightings. CBC Newsletter is published bimonthly and includes birding articles and information about meetings, field trips, and Club news.

The Club provides this website to all for free.

By becoming a member, you support the activities of the Club, receive reduced registration fee for meetings, can participate in bonus field trips, and receive our publications.

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Other Resources (NOT sponsored by Carolina Bird Club)

Caw Caw Interpretive Center


Caw Caw Interpretive Center is located approximately 14 miles south of Charleston, SC on Hwy 17. There is only one sign for the park on the highway so, if you get to Ravenel, you've missed it. Google map


Caw Caw is composed of three colonial era rice plantations once run by slaves. It is one of the eight county parks operated by Charleston County, but is vastly different than the rest. Where all of the other parks feature picnic areas, swing sets, water parks and climbing walls, Caw Caw is 654 acres of carefully managed wetland and forest with the primary goals of education and preservation of wildlife habitat. In addition to the significant areas of former rice field impoundments, the park is bounded on one long side by tidal marsh. The variety of habitat in close proximity results in a wide variety of bird species to be found. There are several well marked trails on the property that include representative areas of the diverse habitat (see trail map link below). The staff lead guided bird walks every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 AM for a $5 fee.

The park is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 AM - 5 PM and is closed on Monday and Tuesday. There is a $1 admission fee.



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