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For more North Carolina birding sites, visit the North Carolina Birding Trail or local bird-finding guides.


Birding North Carolina cover Birding North Carolina, edited by Marshall Brooks and Mark Johns, features the best birding sites in North Carolina, chosen and described by members of the Carolina Bird Club. The book is available from Globe Pequot Press.

Birding North Carolina was undertaken by the Carolina Bird Club for two purposes: to promote birding in North Carolina and to make birding more accessible to all skill levels of birders by providing information regarding the wonderful birding opportunities that we have in our state; and to further bird conservation by dedicating the income from the guide to bird conservation projects. Proceeds will go into a special account of the Carolina Bird Club to be used to support and further bird conservation projects in the state.

There are so many birding locations in North Carolina that not all of them could be included in the printed book. Descriptions of an additional 44 locations that were prepared for the book but could not be included in it are available on this web page.

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