Carolinas review lists

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The Bird Records Committees request that any observation of a species on the state's review list be reported in detail. If the review status is "Full", an observation anywhere in the state, at any time, should be reported. If the review status is conditional, e.g. "Inland only", observations that match the condition should be reported. It goes without saying that sightings of species that are not on the state list at all should also be reported.

In these lists, if the review status is shown as "!", it means that the species is not recorded in the state and thus is not formally on the review list, but like any unrecorded species is implicitly a full review species. If the review status is blank, the species has been recorded in the state and is not a review species.

Common nameSC review statusNC review status
Black-bellied Whistling-DuckInland onlyInland only
Fulvous Whistling-DuckFull
Barnacle GooseFullFull
Cackling GooseFull
Trumpeter SwanFullFull
Eurasian WigeonFull
Mottled DuckInland onlyInland only
Cinnamon TealInland onlyInland only
Tufted Duck!Full
King EiderFullInland only
Common EiderInland onlyInland only
Harlequin DuckFullInland only
White-winged ScoterInland only
Black ScoterInland only
Common MerganserFull
Masked Duck!Full
Ring-necked PheasantFull
Ruffed GrouseDownstate only
American FlamingoFull!
Chilean FlamingoFull!
Red-necked GrebeFull
Western GrebeFullInland only
Clark's Grebe!Full
Band-tailed PigeonFullFull
African Collared-DoveFull!
White-winged DoveMountains only
Smooth-billed AniFullFull
Groove-billed AniFullFull
Lesser Nighthawk!Full
Antillean Nighthawk!Full
Cypseloides Swift sp.!Full
Mexican Violetear!Full
Green-breasted Mango!Full
Blue-throated HummingbirdFull!
Black-chinned HummingbirdFull
Anna's HummingbirdFullFull
Broad-tailed Hummingbird!Full
Allen's HummingbirdFullFull
Calliope HummingbirdFull
Cuban EmeraldFull!
Broad-billed HummingbirdFullFull
Buff-bellied HummingbirdFullFull
Yellow RailFull
Black RailInland only
Whooping CraneFullFull
Black-necked StiltInland only
Northern LapwingFullFull
Snowy PloverFullFull
Wilson's PloverInland onlyInland only
Common Ringed Plover!Full
Mountain PloverFull!
Eskimo CurlewFull!
Whimbrel (European)!Full
Long-billed CurlewInland only
Black-tailed GodwitFullFull
Hudsonian GodwitFull
Bar-tailed Godwit!Full
RuffFullInland only
Sharp-tailed SandpiperFullFull
Curlew SandpiperFullInland only
Red-necked StintFull!
Purple SandpiperInland onlyInland only
Baird's SandpiperFull
Little Stint!Full
Buff-breasted SandpiperSpring only
Spotted RedshankFullFull
Red PhalaropeInland only
Great SkuaFullInland only
South Polar SkuaFullInland only
Skua, sp.Full!
Pomarine JaegerInland onlyInland only
Parasitic JaegerInland onlyInland only
Long-tailed JaegerFullInland only
DovekieFullInland only
Common MurreFullFull
Thick-billed MurreFullInland only
RazorbillInland onlyInland only
Black GuillemotFullFull
Long-billed MurreletFullFull
Atlantic Puffin!Inland only
Black-legged KittiwakeInland onlyInland only
Sabine's GullFull
Black-headed GullFullInland only
Little GullFullInland only
Franklin's GullFull
Black-tailed Gull!Full
Mew Gull!Full
California GullInland only
Thayer's GullFullInland only
Iceland GullFullInland only
Lesser Black-backed GullMountains only
Slaty-backed Gull!Full
Glaucous GullInland onlyInland only
Great Black-backed GullMountains only
Brown NoddyFullInland only
Sooty TernInland onlyMountains only
Bridled TernInland onlyInland only
Least TernMountains only
Gull-billed TernInland only
White-winged TernFullFull
Roseate TernFullInland only
Common TernInland only
Arctic TernFullInland only
Royal TernInland onlyMountains only
Sandwich TernInland onlyInland only
Black SkimmerMountains only
White-tailed TropicbirdFullInland only
Red-billed TropicbirdFullInland only
Pacific LoonFull
Yellow-nosed Albatross!Full
Black-browed Albatross!Full
Northern FulmarFullInland only
Trindade PetrelFullInland only
Bermuda Petrel!Inland only
Black-capped PetrelInland onlyInland only
Fea's PetrelFullInland only
Zino's Petrel!Full
Bulwer's Petrel!Full
Cory's ShearwaterInland onlyInland only
Cory's Shearwater (Scopoli's)!Full
Cape Verde Shearwater!Full
Sooty ShearwaterFullInland only
Great ShearwaterInland onlyInland only
Manx ShearwaterFullInland only
Audubon's ShearwaterInland onlyInland only
Wilson's Storm-PetrelInland onlyInland only
White-faced Storm-Petrel!Inland only
European Storm-Petrel!Inland only
Black-bellied Storm-Petrel!Full
Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel!Full
Leach's Storm-PetrelFullInland only
Band-rumped Storm-PetrelFullInland only
Magnificent FrigatebirdInland onlyInland only
Masked BoobyFullInland only
Brown BoobyFullInland only
Red-footed BoobyFull!
Northern GannetInland onlyInland only
Great CormorantInland onlyInland only
American White PelicanInland only
Brown PelicanInland only
Reddish EgretInland onlyInland only
Scarlet IbisFull!
White-faced Ibis!Full
Roseate SpoonbillInland only
White-tailed KiteFullFull
Snail KiteFullFull
Northern GoshawkFull
Short-tailed HawkFull!
Swainson's HawkFull
Red-tailed Hawk (Harlan's)!Full
Rough-legged HawkFull
Snowy OwlFull
Burrowing OwlFullFull
Long-eared OwlFull
Northern Saw-whet OwlFull
Red-cockaded WoodpeckerMountains only
Ivory-billed WoodpeckerFull
Crested CaracaraFull!
Prairie FalconFull!
Monk ParakeetFullFull
Green ParakeetFull!
Alder FlycatcherFull
Gray Flycatcher!Full
Pacific-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher (Western Flycatcher)!Full
Say's PhoebeFullFull
Vermilion FlycatcherFullFull
Ash-throated FlycatcherFullInland only
Tropical Kingbird!Full
Tropical/Couch's KingbirdFull!
Gray KingbirdInland onlyMountains only
Fork-tailed FlycatcherFullFull
Northern Shrike!Full
Bell's VireoFullFull
Black-whiskered Vireo!Inland only
Black-billed MagpieFull!
House CrowFull!
Common RavenCoastal only
Cave SwallowFullMountains only
Black-capped ChickadeeFullDownstate only
Bewick's WrenFullFull
Northern WheatearFullFull
Mountain Bluebird!Full
Townsend's SolitaireFullFull
Bicknell's ThrushFullFull
Varied ThrushFullFull
Sage Thrasher!Full
Village WeaverFull!
White WagtailFullFull
Sprague's PipitFullFull
Pine GrosbeakFullFull
White-winged CrossbillFull
Common RedpollFull
Lesser Goldfinch!Full
European GoldfinchFull!
Chestnut-collared Longspur!Full
Smith's LongspurFullFull
MacGillivray's WarblerFullFull
Mourning WarblerFull
Kirtland's WarblerFullFull
Black-throated Gray WarblerFullFull
Townsend's Warbler!Full
Red-crested CardinalFull!
Green-tailed TowheeFullFull
Spotted TowheeFullFull
Cassin's Sparrow!Full
Bachman's SparrowMountains only
American Tree SparrowFull
Lark BuntingFullFull
Nelson's SparrowInland only
Saltmarsh SparrowInland onlyInland only
Seaside SparrowInland only
Harris's SparrowFullFull
Golden-crowned SparrowFull!
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)!Full
Western TanagerFull
Black-headed GrosbeakFullMountains only
Lazuli BuntingFullFull
Painted BuntingMountains only
Western MeadowlarkFullFull
Boat-tailed GrackleInland onlyInland only
Shiny CowbirdFullInland only
Hooded Oriole!Full
Bullock's OrioleFullMountains only
Scott's OrioleFullFull

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