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If you would like to share a bird photo or photos that you took in the Carolinas, please use the form. First please read Information for Contributors (revised Jan 2016).

Copyright: All photos are copyrighted material, owned by the photographer. The photographers have given the Carolina Bird Club the right to reproduce these photos, but you should contact the photographer for permission if you wish to reproduce a photo elsewhere or use it for any other purpose. On almost all pages, clicking on the photographer's name will give you their email address.

Facebook much? You may enjoy posting photos on Facebook, or other web sites. Great! But once its Facebook moment is past, probably no one will ever see your photo again. In contrast, the CBC Bird Photo Gallery is managed as an archive; your photo will be forever easily accessible. Thus it's important to post photos, especially photos that serve to document a significant record—a state record, a county record, a seasonal record, a nesting record, etc.—here, even if you also post them elsewhere.

Notice of new photos is provided on the CBC RSS feed RSS. The gallery currently contains 16276 photos from 739 photographers.

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